A Magnetic Chalkboard

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Recently I made a magnetic chalkboard for my son’s room.  I wanted a statement piece over his renewed deskA place where he could put his favorite things and write reminders.  I purchased an old dresser mirror frame from a dealer at an antique store where I used to have a booth.  It was $25.00 and I knew I could use it for something.  Of course it screamed chalkboard, but I didn’t have a spot for it until I started redoing my son’s room.

This is where I started…

Magnetic Chalkboard DIY

This is the finished piece.

DIY Chalkboard

This can be accomplished with any frame if you don’t have an old dresser mirror frame. 

Here is a simple picture frame turned into chalkboard that I created.

Chalkboard DIY

Do you want to make a Magnetic Chalkboard?

Well, let’s get started, shall we?



Galvanized Sheet Metal

Black Chalkboard Paint

Tin Snips

Paint  (I used several colors)

Annie Sloan Clear Wax

Annie Sloan Graphite was used as the first coat and  Rub ‘n Buff
in silver was used on the accent areas.

DIY Chalkboard

I used my finger when applying rub-n-buff and was not too concerned about neatness at this point.

Magnetic Chalkboard

 Next I stippled

Magnetic Chalkboard

 and swirled my brush with Pure White, Annie Sloan paint.

Magnetic Chalkboard

 I also added some white along the perimeter of the frame. 

Notice, I was not being neat here.

Magnetic Chalkboard

Not very pretty at this point, is it?

DIY Chalkboard

Then, I brushed on a tint of brown.  This was a custom brown color that I made,

Magnetic Chalkboard

but any taupey, brown will work.

DIY Chalkboard

The brown gives movement and adds depth to the piece.

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

Next I added streaks


and swirls of white with a very dry brush.

Magnetic Chalkboard

Then it was time to blend the colors and create a muted affect.

I used a fine sandpaper to blend the colors together

Magnetic Chalkboard

and expose the dark wood in areas.

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

After achieving the finished look, Annie Sloan Clear Wax was applied over the finish.


For the chalkboard, Galvanized Sheet Metal

Chalkboard 16wm

was cut to size using tin snips,

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

primed, and painted with Chalkboard Paint.

Then inserted into the frame.

Magnetic Chalkboard

The top was repositioned and it was complete.

Here is the finished Magnetic Chalkboard in the room.

Magnetic Chalkboard

Do you have an old frame that would make the perfect chalkboard?

Why not make it a magnetic chalkboard?




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DIY Chalkboard

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  1. Hi Angie, That mirror frame is perfect. Love how you paired it with the desk, the old typewriter, and all. I’m going to look for an interesting frame to try this – thanks so much!

    1. Thanks Betsy! My painting techniques are all about layering and not worrying too much about being neat. Ha! It’s interesting sometimes to see the progression. 🙂 The galvanized metal works great and has dual function, that’s what I like.

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