A Room That Inspired The Perfect Gift

Have you ever had a room that inspired the perfect gift?

Let me explain…

Do you remember my son’s room?

You know, the room that was going to turn from a boy’s room into a teen room? 

A room that would eventually look like this drawing…

Elevation Floor Plan

Yeah, well, I have to confess a little something. 

It’s been done, well mostly done, for awhile now.  (I have one more little project). 

I haven’t shared pictures with you.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, I do, it’s that I want to have amazing images for you. 

Here’s the problem…  my son’s room has one window

Teen Room

and the lighting is very poor for photography – not great for “amazing” photos. 

I really didn’t have a solution until I attended the Haven Conference.

The solution…

A flash for my DSLR camera that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

I was in the photography class and someone mentioned the Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite For Canon/Nikon Digital SLR Cameras and that it is affordable

I couldn’t write fast enough.  I wanted that flash and I wanted it now. 

Actually, it was more of a need.  (You know, I have to get those amazing photos, right?).

After Haven I remembered I had a birthday coming up. 

What do you get a mom that has everything for her birthday? 

It’s a tough one, so I thought I would help the gang out.  I left early one morning before they all were up and left a nice message that looked something like this at the computer. 

Neewer Camera Flash

There were only two left and I was hoping they would find the hint and follow through and “surprise” me a week later.

They denied ever seeing the note, but I have to tell ya, it worked! 

I had a neat little present wrapped for me with some awesome handmade cards and balloons from my kiddos.  (Hubby too). 

Birthday Present(Instagram Photo)

Birthday Card

Birthday Card

Now I have a new “toy” and will be able to share some interior photos with you as soon as I learn how to use the flash.

I was playing with my settings and flash yesterday. 

This is a picture of a magnetic chalkboard I made for the room.

DIY Chalkboard

I will share with you a Magnetic Chalkboard Tutorial with more photos soon.


Do you think it’s okay to leave subtle hints here and there about a gift you really are in need of?

Do you think I am silly that I remind my kids to hug their mom?  It may be silly, but I love a hug.  After they saw the message on the chalkboard, I received two hugs immediately.  You gotta love that!

I guess the moral of the story…

if you don’t ask, you never know what you may receive.

On another note…

if you don’t follow your dreams, you’ll never know your full potential.

By the way…

I so enjoy that you read my blog!  Thank you!

Have a beautiful day!



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  1. Hi Angie, Wow, love that photo of the desk with the chalkboard above it! Let’s see the rest of the room, please. Happy Birthday, glad you got the perfect gift. Thanks for your lovely blog.

    1. Hey Anne! Thanks, the room will be coming shortly. I have one more project and it is ready to go. With homeschooling my kids for the first year it is slowing me down a bit. Thank you for continuing to be a reader, Anne, I really do appreciate you!

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