Hey There!

We are Ang and Joey!

Can I just say, we are thrilled you are here.

Let me introduce us… I am Angie, and this is my hubby Joe. My close friends and family call me “Ang” and I call him “Joey”.

aka: “Ang and Joey”

We are a husband and wife team enjoying the life of desert living.

Our ultimate goal is to be here for YOU – to have fun, share with you our crazy adventures of DIY, designs, travel, and so much more. When we aren’t fixing up our home, we’ll take you with us to our favorite Arizona escapes (including favorite local eats and treats), best places to shop, and Jeep excursions.

What kind of DIY and designs can you find here?

In 2021, I decided to rewind to my college years and began studying art and design again. It has been such a joy to refuel this spark within me. With an Art and Design degree, I never thought I would have the opportunity to use it. Now I am beginning the journey of a surface pattern designer. It will be a blessing to share this journey with you. I will create designs and patterns for the heart and home. I create with you in mind, so if there is something you would like to see in the world – send it my way. You just never know… your idea may just be waiting to see the light of day.

Joe and I love to create by drawing up plans and seeing them through, whether it be designing a room, repurposing furniture, building, or just turning something a bit ordinary into the extraordinary – we explore it all. We like to show you what works for us (and what doesn’t) in hopes to help you along the way too.

As you peruse inside these pages we hope you will find inspiration and encouragement.

We truly hope to be friends – so feel free to leave a comment, ask questions, and explore this journey of life with us.

Oh, and if you are curious to know what we do when we aren’t working… You may find us dancing in the kitchen, watching our kids play music, laughing at ourselves, trying new recipes, playing with the dog, creating designs, and most importantly – enjoying every moment of God’s precious gift of life.

Where you can find us!

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Create a home that is from the heart and uniquely yours…

Where friends and family gather and enjoy a little piece of “you”.