Adirondack Christmas Wreath

Yesterday I stopped by Michaels to pick up some burlap ribbon and found an amazing deal… wreaths for $1.99.  These were really nothing to write home about, not boxwood or anything extremely pretty, but I had some ideas and thought they would be perfect for little extras around the house.  Like an extra little something for my lonely Adirondack chairs outside. 

I really love Adirondack chairs and feel they need a little something special for Christmas too. Why not?  Right?  Plus, I get to enjoy looking at them through my back doors and windows. 


I took my ordinary $1.99 wreath and wrapped a little burlap ribbon around the top and tied it in a knot.  Really simple.  Then I hung them from my chairs. 

Now they need a beach out back…  I guess a little brown grass will have to do this time…

Adirondack Wreath with Burlap

Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think when I take pictures in my pajamas…

Adirondack Wreath with Burlap

When the light is right…  I don’t have time to change.  I just go…

The sunrise this morning gave me a sun flare.

Learning how to do this was a challenge of mine, so I was jumping for joy when I saw it in my camera lens.

Me, jumping for joy in my pj’s.

You got to love that!

Then there is Ally…

Adirondack Chair Christmas Wreath with Burlap

Always trying to be the focal point of my pictures.

She is cute though, you have to give her that.

Adirondack Chairs Christmas Wreath with Burlap

We’re only missing the beach…

Don’t you agree? 



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    1. Thank you Betsy. I really do love my Adirondack chairs. They were a birthday present one year. Yeah, Ally always does find her way in the pic’s. Very reason why she is in my Blog Banner – she must know she’s a star. Ha! The sun-flare… I seriously was in my pj’s, looked outside and ran out to capture it. The crazy things we do for pictures.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you and I have the beach vision… with an umbrella and a beverage of choice on the armrests. Aaaaah! Okay, back to reality…

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