An Accent Wall Surprise

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***An Accent Wall Surprise***

Do you ever look at Luxury Hotels and wish one day you could stay there?  I imagine myself wrapped up in a cushy robe,  laying in a cozy bed with lush bedding,  enjoying the posh interior while looking through floor to ceiling glass doors onto the balcony.   Looking through the doors the crash of the ocean waves hit the soft sand and seagulls dive as they fish and splash for their morning feed all in the glow of the rising sun. 


Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

As you know, I am redoing the guest bedroom in my home.  You can see the inspiration for this room here.  I want guests to feel like they are in a boutique hotel, minus the ocean.  Hotels that offer extra amenities, like robes, are an invitation for relaxation and comfort.  I may not always use the robes in hotels, but having the option of curling up in one is so inviting.  Whether the robes are in the closet or hanging on the back of a door it is special.

As I viewed the room, there was a nice size wall leading into the bathroom. 

Accent Wall

At first I thought a piece of artwork would look great on the wall.  That was too predictable.  Then I thought of an accent wall and the art would be his and her robes for my guests. 

It was settled.

I have always been a huge fan of Royal Design Studio Stencils.  Their stencils make a huge impact on a room and I knew this was the perfect wall for it.  

I chose the Diamond Trellis stencil because it would give a modern twist to the room.

First, I painted the entire room Toasted Pine Nut 


by Sherwin Williams.

The color is more of a creamy yellow-beige than the computer sample portrays.

Paint Color Toasted Pine Nut

Once painted, it was time for the stencil.

Accent Wall Preparing to Stencil

Royal Design Studio has great stenciling tutorials, so I won’t get too much into that here.

I wanted a darker color for the stencil and decided to create a color match by using the dark olive-brown from the window treatments.

Here is the formula.

Color Match

I also used the thickest paint recommended at Sherwin Williams (Emerald – Satin finish).  I thought the thicker consistency would keep the paint from running behind the stencil, and with textured walls, I wasn’t sure how it would cover.

It covered great, but I made sure to unload the paint plenty before stenciling.

Accent Wall Stencil

I was a little nervous to remove the stencil.

To my surprise,

Accent Wall

As I lifted the stencil off the wall, it looked great!

Accent Wall Stencil

I kept boogying along until the entire wall was complete.


Accent Wall - Diamonds

What a difference already. 

I found two (hand-made in India) hooks mounted on distressed wood at TJ Maxx.

Accent Wall - Guest Bedroom

After hanging those on the wall,

his and her robes (also purchased at TJ Maxx) were hung on padded hangers.

Accent Wall - Guest BedroomVoila!

Now the accent wall is like a little present for guests to see once they enter the room.

And… who needs artwork when you can have cushy robes?

Do you have any tricks to help make your guests

feel extra special?

I would love to hear!

Until then…


Every. Single. Moment.


Guest Bedroom Accent Wall

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For that, I am grateful.


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