At the Finish Line


So, I had this great idea. 

One that was amazing…

knock your socks off amazing.

Have you ever had an idea like this? 

You know… the kind where you envision this super unique piece at the finish line?


it all comes to a screeching halt. 




What you envisioned at the finish line is not at ALL what you thought it would look like.

Well, I am there.  Stuck!  Let me explain.

Do you remember when I found this little bench?


I knew it wouldn’t be that difficult to paint and reupholster – 

I also had the perfect spot for it.


I gathered my supplies…

DIY Bench Tutorial

Annie Sloan paint and petroleum jelly.

At Haven, Miss Mustard Seed and Perfectly Imperfect talked about the resist process. 

I liked the results, so I chose the petroleum jelly route.

I cleaned off the wood and added it to areas knowing paint would chip off and give me great results.

DIY Bench Using Resist Techniques

Then I painted the piece Pure White.

Painted Bench Tutorial

Then Duck Egg. 

DIY Bench

I was liking this so far.

Then the entire piece was dry brushed with French Linen. 

(Sorry, I do not have a photo to show here).

I took a damp rag and began to rub.

As I was rubbing to distress,

the paint kept chipping and coming off and I kept saying, 

“Oh no!”.

I don’t have pictures here as panic was ripping through my body.


I went with it and kept rubbing. 

I thought this little bench was going to tell me how it should end at the finish line.

Once I was done…

it was dark outside, late, and I was tired. 

I decided to sleep on it

You know, sometimes that changes thought processes. 

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s best just to walk away.

Even though it was late, I traced and cut thick foam 

Bench Tutorial

and wrapped white fur around it to get an idea of the end result.

Bench Tutorial

When I saw her (the bench) the next morning, she was kind of playful and fun to me. 

Not a piece I would typically do, so it forces me to expand out of my comfort zone.

Well here she is…

(remember, I used her for the perfect gift).

Bench and Duluth trading Company

If you were to name her what would it be?

Would you call her, chippy meets glamourfuzzy mess? cow hide gets spunky?

Or would you throw in the towel and paint right over her?

  Let me know.

Have you worked on a piece that wasn’t what you expected at the finish line?

This little bench is packed away now,

but will come out again at the new house.


If you missed the series of how I got my home ready to sell you can see it here.


Every. Single. Moment.


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  1. I LOVE how the chippy paint ended up looking! It’s gorgeous! What did you topcoat it with – AS clear wax?

  2. I love it at the pure white and duck egg stage. I have a similar bench and couldn’t decide how to paint it and how to cover it…NOW I DO!!! Thanks so much!!!

    1. Yay! I am glad to help! Good luck with your bench. If you think about it, send me a pic, I would love to see it when it’s complete. 🙂

  3. I think it turned out great and yes, I have had so many projects not turn out the way I thought they would. That is the fun of it though sometimes because you learn new ways and techniques all the time!

    1. Lindsay, I am so glad I am not the only one with projects not turning out quite as planned. You are so right, that is the fun of it! 🙂

  4. I would reprint it with primarily the Duck egg showing, and hand sand slightly with sanding block to let the off whit and dark come through ever so slightly. Then I would use a dark Annie Sloan Dark Wax over it. Just a suggestion! I have never had great luck with using Vaseline!

    1. Debi, Thanks! That is a very good suggestion and sounds like it would look great. I realized Vaseline needs to be applied sparingly through this process. 😉 Hopefully I can find a spot where the bench will work in my new home. If the look doesn’t fit, I am going to try your suggestion. Thanks so much!

  5. I love how it turned out! I am working on a project right now and it is not what envisioned at all. Hoping it will come together!

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