Atlanta Masterpiece

I happened upon a blog that featured an amazing chest of drawers.
I think all of blogland was blogging and featuring it.
The chest was done by Lindauer designs… .

They wanted others to challenge themselves to take the idea
and create a masterpiece.
I really loved what they did and wanted to recreate the look onto a chest of drawers I thought would be perfect.
(Very similar to their chest).
I loved the vintage wheels and clean lines.

I feel this technique should be done on more of a
straight lined, no frills (curves etc.) piece.

Now, I am not one to copy, but loved the way they did this by
staining the knobs and top, so that is what I did.

Of course I had to add a little of Atlanta’s favorite places to it.
I love New York,
but I thought how cool it would be to have an item from my city…
can’t find that everywhere, right?

Here is the finished Atlanta Masterpiece…
Here is where I started…
The top needed to be stripped so gathering the necessary
supplies before starting was a must.
-respirator mask
-eye protection
It’s so fun watching the paint rise and peel off the surface.

You can see there wasn’t just white paint, but yellow paint too.

After the top was stripped,
stain was added to the top and finished with
3 protective poly topcoats.

The chest was glossy white without an old vintage look, so I added an off white paint sporadically over the dresser – quite messy as I wanted the white to appear through the off white color.
You can see this here with the letters.
It definitely gives the letters more dimension and texture.

After that, I followed Lindauer’s instructions.  They said keep it simple, but I chose to hand cut all of my vinyl letters.  If I do this project again I would work quicker as the “sticky” vinyl glue sticks to the furniture like a sticker on glass.
Not fun getting that off without taking off the paint.

The chest was later distressed in areas to give it a worn and uniform look.
 I really loved the letters that show the original wood underneath.
After waxing, the Atlanta Masterpiece was complete!

I am thrilled with this project.  I really wanted to find a place for it in
my home, but have to let it go…  (sigh)

The coolest thing about painting furniture… there will never be another piece just like this one.  We all are our own artists and our visions may be similar, but the end result will never be the same.  I hope to find another chest of drawers to duplicate this look again, but I may never find it.
So much love and labor go into every piece…
making them truly a
“One of a Kind”
Thank you, Lindauer Designs, for the inspiration!

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  1. Angie- You did a phenomenal job on that chest. You HAND CUT all those letters? Wow! You are good, girl! I love that it reflects Atlanta and I’ll bet you could sell a ton of them if you chose to do so.

    Pop by my blog today if you get the chance and sign up for my BLOVERLY giveaway. xo Diana

  2. I saw the original and was hesitant in giving it a try. Having seen two completed, I’m more eager, now. Still new to staining, but I love the color on your top. Can you tell me what you used? I’ve been using a mahogany, but it has more of a red tint. Is this a dark walnut? Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hey Denise, Definitely try it! You are right, it is a dark walnut. I really, really like the nice warm color of this stain.

      Let us know when you complete your masterpiece. We will be excited to see it!

      Also, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. Angie, such a great job. The top of that chest has an awesome grain. Your lettering is great and I am familiar with all those places. I was born and grew up in Atlanta. I still love that city.
    I am a new follower.

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