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Do you love pizza? The ooey, gooey cheese melted on a wood fired crust and toppings that you desire? I’m a sucker for pizza. Just writing about it makes me want to order one straight away. While sitting on the couch scrolling through Netflix, I saw a show called Chef’s Table with a picture of the most beautifully cooked pizza. As I was watching, I thought the only place to taste a scrumptious bite of this pizza was in Italy. To my surprise, this pizza wasn’t found in Italy, but found right in my home state at a restaurant called Pizzeria Bianco. It is touted for the best pizza in Phoenix, Arizona, although many would say it’s the best in the world.

I won’t dive into too many details because I truly think it’s a show that needs watching to appreciate how much artistry, skill, and love goes into making the world’s best pizza.

The Chef of Pizzeria Bianco

Chris Bianco is the owner/chef and founder of Pizzeria Bianco. Sitting in his restaurant and biting into his pizza is like experiencing his soul. The pizza is as good as the show claims it to be. Let me tell you about my experience firsthand.


After church one morning, we decided to experience Pizzeria Bianco. Wondering if it was the best in the world as many claim – we were intrigued to see for ourselves. There are two locations in Arizona, one at 20th street and Camelback and the other located downtown Phoenix. We decided to visit the downtown Phoenix location in the heart of Phoenix in Heritage Square. The pizzeria is adjacent to the Children’s Museum and inside Heritage Square and Science Park. It is quite a unique area.

This pizzeria is quaint and charming, which may explain the wait time of two hours. My family wanted to bail, but I encouraged them the wait would be worth it.

While you wait, there is plenty to do. An old house next door houses a bar to soften the waiting time.

The interior is inviting for conversation and perfect for a drink and relaxation.

A little coffee shop is also across the street. Don’t go too far – once your table is ready, you have 5 minutes to claim your table.

Parking wasn’t an issue. There is valet parking, but we opted to park in the Heritage Square Garage and get our ticket validated for a discounted rate.

Inside Pizzeria Bianco

Once inside, we were seated at the bar. Sitting at the bar was a fun experience because we got to talk with the bartender. He informed us that weekdays the wait is typically 2 hours, and weekends can be upwards of four hours.

The interior is like stepping into an Italian street corner cafe.

With the pies cooking non stop in the wood-fired oven, you feel as if you are part of the history where the story of Chris and his pizzas continue to spark a sense of joy.

I literally witnessed others look over the pizza as though they received a gift that deserved savoring with every bite.

The Menu

You may be curious to know the menu options. They are limited, but chosen wisely. Chris Bianco knows what will taste the best, and I would say trust him. We ordered the Wiseguy – wood-roasted onion, house smoked mozzarella and fennel sausage.

I thought, how can I have pizza without red sauce? It seemed weird to me, so we ordered a side of red sauce. The flavors were amazingly pleasing – actually I have never tasted infused flavor this good on pizza before. The red sauce was definitely not needed therefore, trust the chef.

The mozzarella is fresh and hand made in-house. Chris also enjoys sourcing ingredients from local farmers.

This little restaurant has been visited and recognized by chefs and celebrities from all over the world. From magazine articles touting the best pizza in America and awards and recognitions, this little gem is one you must fit in to experience yourself.

The price is in line with what you would expect to receive for the best artisinal pizza experience. Prices range from $8 for a salad to $26 for a pizza. You can view the menu here.

Best Pizza in Phoenix, Arizona

If you are visiting Phoenix, you will enjoy this experience. I hope you will appreciate and savor every mouthwatering bite as much as I did. I believe it is the best pizza in Phoenix, Arizona.

Someday I want to visit again with friends and each order a pizza to pass and share. I want to try them all.

Now, if you have Netflix, check out Chef’s Table. See for yourself the beautiful story of Chris Bianco, his journey, and his pizza. I highly recommend you watch the 30 minute show. I love his story and appreciate his crafting of a pizza I will never forget eating.

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