The Boneyard On Raymond Hill

Remember when I said there were some things in the works?
 Well, it’s official and I am very excited!
I recently moved to…
An opportunity arose and I had to jump at it!
 When walking in the front door at The Boneyard On Raymond Hill,
I was always inspired.
It’s a gem with so many creative and talented dealers!
 If you want to find a unique, one of a kind piece, you must check it out!
The Boneyard has an awesome Facebook Page
showing new arrivals and what you may find there.
Here is a peek at the booth…
There are more pictures to show you
and I will go into details of each piece in future days.
Holly is hoping to join me at The Boneyard On Raymond Hill
in a couple of months as she is working on some big projects at home.
 I bet she will share pictures of her progress with you.
 Her home is beautiful!
 It would be great for you to see what she has done.
As I was painting, moving, and needing encouragement,
I had some great friends to “help” me along the way.
 Thanks to Holly, Jennifer S., Jennifer H., Julia, Adrienne, and my sister, Kris.
 It’s so nice to know I have my friends behind me!
 Thanks so much!
I also want to send a huge “Thank You” to my hubby, Joe.
 He has decided to help me 100 percent.
 I cannot tell you what a joy it is to have him helping me!
We have a blast together…  truly a blessing that I can spend this time with him.
Lastly… thanks to all of you for reading this blog.
 It is a joy to spend this journey with you!
Until next time…

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  1. Good luck in your new space, Angie! It looks like a great place. My local antique mart is not “prettified” in any way and while I don’t mind going there to look for bargains, I’d never be able to have my own booth there. Bummer, especially since it is so close to home.

    1. Bummer, especially since you are so talented!!! They are missing out BIG TIME! It is really hard to find a place that has the same vision as you do, I am blessed to have found that in The Boneyard.

      Thanks so much for the well wishes!

  2. I’d love to browse around it that store! I love Modern but I add a bit of Vintage to just keep me humble in my pursuits, hehehe. Have a tremendous day, ok? ~ Renae (oh, I’m a new follower)

    1. Hey Brittany!

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s super awesome that you wrote me about the chandelier. When having a space I don’t get to meet anyone that purchases my pieces and I wish I could. I think that chandelier will look great painted black! If you take a picture of it when you are done, will you send me a pic? I would love to see it in your space.

      Thanks again Brittany!

  3. Of course!!! We just finished painting it last night and hopefully hanging it tonight!! We were/are still thinking about the hutch in your booth too!! 🙂

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