Build Your Own Pool Before and After


***Build Your Own Pool Before and After***

Remember how I was going to take you on the pool building journey and wait to show after pictures? 

Well,  I couldn’t wait any longer. 

Why keep you in suspense?   

If you wanted to see how we did it ourselves, don’t worry.  I’ll still take you through the journey, and if you are building a pool or updating a backyard, hopefully, this will help.

Here was our backyard before…

Before Build Your Own Pool

and here is the after…

Pool Color Slipcovered Grey

It’s truly hard to believe it is the same backyard.

Slipcovered Grey

This didn’t happen overnight, it took us about 6 months to complete.

Landscaping is the next project.  

Confederate (Star) Jasmine will fill the entire back wall in hopes to make the wall camouflaged and disappear in time.

The pergola will also be filled with flowers and climbing vines.

Build Your Own Pool

It’s also the perfect spot for outdoor movies and birthday parties.

Pool Slipcovered Grey

(like the outdoor movie theater we previously created).

The fire pit… will be a place where we create many memories.

Build Your Own Pool

We made it super large to accommodate a roaring fire 

surrounded by plenty of friends and family.

Are you in the process of building a pool or updating a backyard?

Stay tuned.

I’ll tell you how I made decisions along the way,

what slowed us down, and if there is anything I would do differently.

Until next time…


Every. Single. Moment.


You can see the entire pool building series






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    1. Ha ha! Yes, get over that fear and come anytime. We would love to have you! I haven’t spotted a tarantula in a long time – I’ve actually only seen two and they don’t bother you. My neighbor let one crawl on his arm, that’s when I got over my fear. They still give me the heebie jeebies though.

  1. Angie, this is gorgeous! I know your boys love the pool and the outdoor movie theater is a fantastic idea! Your ideas for flowers sound beautiful! My parents built our pool when I was young too. I can’t wait to see more on this adventure! It’s truly stunning already!

    1. Oh Betsy! Thank you so much! There is so much to do here with this new house, but the pool area was first as it will be a place for the kids to enjoy and create memories. It sounds like you have fond memories of your pool too – you’ll always have those to treasure which is awesome!

  2. Hello my name is Jason with RE concrete in Colorado. This pool came out amazing, we specialize in decorative concrete and have done a few pool decks and pool bottoms I’m looking to expand into the pool market and seeing I really appreciated how you broke it down and explained it so thoroughly. Step by step.

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