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Good morning. I hope you are enjoying the build your own pool series.  If you aren’t building a pool, I hope you find the process fascinating.  While embarking on this pool building journey, I found there wasn’t a place to get step by step details.  I spent hours upon hours researching and trying to “figure it all out” as I went.  That is why I am creating this mini-series.  I won’t get into too much detail, but if you do have questions, I will try to help as much as possible.  Also, I am not a pool building pro, just someone who wants to share an experience.

Here we go…

After the dig, we were ready for plumbing

Build Your Own Pool

We decided to run plumbing along the back wall instead of a diagonal shot to the pool.  In hindsight, I wish we wouldn’t have dug along the back wall.  I wasn’t thinking about landscaping.  Planting a tree or plant with an expansive root system is impossible here.

Slipcovered Grey How I built my own pool(This is a picture of plumbing pipes as well as electrical)

***Tip:  Photograph the process along the way.  The pipes will be filled in with dirt and the surface of your choosing around the pool perimeter.  If there is a problem in the future, the pictures will come in handy when referring back to pipe and electrical placement.***

We had the rebar/steel placed at 6 on 12 for spacing. 

Build Your Own Pool

The Arizona recommendation is 12 on 12, but we wanted more reinforcement as we are on the side of a mountain which may have expansive soil.   If you would like to read more about rebar/steel check out this website .

The next step was electrical.

Building a Pool

After all of this, a pre-shotcrete inspection was completed.

***Before this inspection, make sure the building permit is displayed or you will fail the inspection.***

After a pass on the inspection we were ready for shotcrete.

This truly is when the pool starts to come to life.

It was a very windy day, so these photos are taken from inside the house. 

Slipcovered Grey

This process was quite fascinating to watch.

You can see how the surface is smoothed out on the edge of the pool.

Slipcovered Grey

And, here is the pool – looking like a real pool.

Slipcovered GreyOh yeah, see the water flying in the pool.

The shotcrete needs to be misted/watered down for a week

so it doesn’t dry out and crack.

While all of this was happening, I was doing the fun stuff…

picking out pebble-sheen color, which in-turn is the water color,

choosing tiles and pool surrounding surfaces.

Those decisions are coming soon!

If you missed the beginning of the series,

you can read about it here and here.


Every.   Single.  Moment.


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