Build Your Own Pool


***Would You Build Your Own Pool?***

Well, it happened.  We built a pool.  I honestly can’t believe we did it, but the Arizona summers require a pool in the backyard.  We have so much cosmetic work to do inside, but our kids are only going to be in our house for another 8 years and we wanted to make this home a place for family and friend gatherings.  I can always work inside, but I can’t take back time for precious moments with the kiddos.

KidsThis pic is blurred out, but this is them.  Always trying to have a little fun.

Especially when I want to take a picture.

(Love them)

There are so many choices when building a pool.

Whether you are deciding to build a pool on your own, use a pool builder, or are curious about the process,

I have some pointers for you.

Trust me… this was not headache free.

I am going to travel back through our journey with you.

(and hold out on putting the after shot in – that way you can travel along with me to the end)

In the beginning we met with several pool builders.

This is a huge deal and a big investment.

We wanted to make sure we were making the right choices

and not jumping into anything.

I wanted some bells and whistles, but most importantly,  I wanted my vision to come to life.

I didn’t want to skimp.

The pool builders told me my dream backyard would be over $80,000.


One of the builders even told me $250,000.

(even bigger gulp).

That’s when Joe and I decided to build on our own and be the general contractors.

We are DIY’ers, but have never been contractors, so we were nervous.  Luckily we used a service to help us along the way called BYOP – Build Your Own Pool.

You’ve seen my backyard,


and as you know, it needed TLC.

It was hard to see past the mess back there.

I wanted to transform the backyard to feel as though when you step outside you are at a resort.

It had to have a European / Old World feel, with worn surfaces and stone.

The mountain view needed to still be a focal point and the hard surfaces/privacy walls needed to disappear.

Stay tuned as I take you through the journey…



Every. Single. Moment.


You can see the entire pool building series







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