Christmas Glitter Pine Cones


If you live in Georgia, or happen to visit here, you know there are tall trees. 

The Georgia Pines are everywhere peering overhead. 

Swaying in the wind you hear them rustle as if they speak their own language.  

Needles fall with pine cones of all shapes and sizes. 

You stare in awe wondering how these tall, lean, magnificent trees can continue to stand year after year.

Not only are they beautiful to admire, they leave behind beautiful gifts. 

Pine cones!

I found a darling photo on Pinterest.  Pine Cones sweetly hung with a simple bow. 

Pine Cones Christmas


There was something that spoke to me in that image. I had to try it myself.  Only, I needed to add a little glitz to the pine cones  – jazz them up a bit for the Christmas season. 

My pine cones were much smaller than Vicky’s or I would have left them natural like she did.

Glitter Pinecones

Here is what I did…

Christmas Glitter Pine Cone

Gather Supplies:

Pine Cones


Eye Hooks

Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Glitter Paint

Paint Brush

Christmas Glittered Pine Cones

Screw an eye hook in the top of the pine cone. 

Hold onto the eye hook for easy painting.  You can paint the whole pine cone this way without touching it.

 You can see how the paint goes on very heavy.

Christmas Glitter Pine Cone

It looks like I gobbed it on, but it dries nicely, don’t worry.

Christmas Pine Cone with Glitter

Hang to dry… you can see how it dries, much thinner than anticipated

with nice light specs of glitter.

Christmas Pine Cone Glitter

Tie a bow through the eye hooks and hang. 


Christmas Glitter Pine Cone

You don’t have to live in Georgia to find pine cones, if they don’t fall from trees by you, hobby stores supply them.    If you are wondering where to find the big, HUGE, pine cones… 

Lake Tahoe! 

My mom and dad brought me home some and, trust me,

I treasure those babies.

Everyone asks me where I found them… now you know the secret.

If you know of another place, I would love to hear. 

Are you decorating with pine cones this season? 



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