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Did you know today is National Clean Up Your Room Day?

Yep!  It sure gets me excited too, because I love it when all of the rooms are clean,

vacuumed and fresh.

Don’t you?

It gave me a huge excuse this morning to tell the boys to make their beds

and tidy up before leaving for school.

It also gets me giddy walking down the hallway when the rooms are clean.

Are you with me?

and better yet… getting in bed at night with a freshly made bed is relaxing and much more enjoyable.

So, how are you going to celebrate National Clean Up Your Room Day?

I am going to celebrate by cleaning and adding an Air Purifier to my living space.

I don’t know about you, but I have been very curious about owning an Air Purifier

and when approached by Febreze to try theirs out, I jumped at the chance.

This arrived yesterday…

Febreze Air Purifier

and I’m excited to reap the benefits.

Cleaning a room can be taken a step further by adding a fresh scent and knowing that the air is cleaner.

Living in Arizona – the desert air is also filled with dust.  

I didn’t even realize what dust was until I moved here.  I mean, I understood,

but didn’t really get that the dust is much worse here.  

If you don’t vacuum and dust often, you will have a big ole’ mess.

Again, another reason why I am excited to use this Air Purifier.  Boom.  It is going to reduce dust.

I also have a precious golden doodle.  

Fall Decorating

Honestly, I don’t think she has a dog odor, but sometimes I wonder if I am just used to her scent?

One thing I am definitely not used to, is the leftover food smell that permeates sometimes out of the kitchen.

Have you ever made Potstickers with cabbage?  If so, you are laughing right along with me.

It leaves an undesirable and embarrassing odor in the home for days.

The Febreze Air Purifier is supposed to eliminate all of those nasty odors, pet dander, and airborne particles by 99%.

I was amazed how easy this purifier was to set up.  I literally removed the plastic over the unit, 

Febreze Air Purifier

removed the plastic from the Hepa-Type filters and replaced them,

Febreze Air Purifier

inserted the Febreze scent cartridge, and plugged it in.

As far as scents go, I am really sensitive to overpowered scents.  I get headaches and, honestly, the scent has to be light and airy or I can’t have it in my home.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a scent level on the machine

Febreze Air Purifier

as well as a cleaning level.  The linen scent seems nice and light out of the package, so that is a winner for me.

Last night we grilled chicken on an indoor grill and it left that grilled food scent.

I turned the cleaning level to high and turned up the scent to give it a test overnight.

Waking up, everything was odorless and fresh without an overbearing scent.

Febreze Air Purifier

It is recommended that

the unit be placed three feet from a wall and furniture.

For me, this isn’t an option during the day, but it will be moved more into the room at night.

Febreze Air Purifier

With that said, I think the look of the Febreze Air Purifier is sleek and fits in the room just fine.

I chose the large tower as my room is bigger, but there are also

desktop and smaller room purifiers.

I am thinking I now need one for every room.

Do you have an air purifier in your home?

If you don’t, you can get more information about the Febreze Air Purifier here.

So, are you going to participate in

National Clean Up Your Room Day?

Well, I better get back to cleaning…

Until next time,


Every. Single. Moment.


***The Febreze Air Purifier was sent to me to celebrate National Clean Up Your Room Day.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.***

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