Cleaning Up the Curb Appeal

Thanks to each and every one of you for input on where to start first with my new home

Your ideas really solidified what is important and what direction I should take. 

One of the comments I received was “trust your instincts”. 

Thanks Sandy! 

My instincts are telling me to SLOW down and enjoy the process

Do not rush or make any major decisions until I get my feet wet in Arizona.

With that said,

the interior will start with a fresh coat of paint everywhere

Before starting inside,

I thought I should head outside to clean up the

exterior landscape and create nice curb appeal. 

A little maintenance and planting is always a must to make a house feel like home. 

Don’t you agree?

This short sale was a home full of neglect. 

Some trees have died and plants are holding on needing water and TLC.

When I visited the home for the first time this is what the backyard looked like.


Being an Ambassador for Ryobi Outdoors is super exciting as I get the opportunity to try some sweet outdoor power tools. 

It’s easy to tackle a big job with the right outdoor tools.

I was looking forward to trim everything with my 40V X  Expand-It String Trimmer.

Conquer the weedy mess!

Only problem? 

When I arrived two months later, the yard looked like this.

Backyard Before

What happened to all of those green weeds? 



dried up and dead.


Apparently this is what the desert sun does in the summer. 


I still wanted to use this battery powered genius of an outdoor tool,

so I managed to find a few things to do.

See this lonely weed left in the backyard?


  It felt really good to chop that baby down in less than two seconds.

Ryobi String Trimmer

Moving to the front of the yard, I found a grassy plant in need of trimming. 

Ryobi String Trimmer

Yep, still learning the native plants here,

so in the meantime,

I will call him agrassy plant“.

Landscapes in Arizona, at least in my area, are mostly rock.  String trimmers are not recommended to be used near rock.

Clearing the rock was a necessity as to not have

one catapult into my face or a window nearby.

Safety is always number one. 

Ryobi 40 V String Trimmer

Ryobi 40 V String Trimmer

Before I knew it, I was done!

This 40V X Expand-It String Trimmer is great because the trimmer attachment can easily be removed and replaced with several attachments*.

After completing this task I had a mess to clean up. 

This was easy! 

I removed the 40V battery from the string trimmer

Ryobi 40 V String Trimmer

and inserted it into the

Ryobi 40 V String Trimmer

40V Jet Fan Blower

and in no time the area was free and clear of debris.

Ryobi 40V Jet Fan Blower

I feel like such a tool geek,

but I have to admit,

I love the battery power (just like gas).

The fact that I can use this battery with all of the 40V outdoor tools is genius. 

Flexibility and saving time are a necessity in my busy life.


Once the sun set and the air was cooler,

Sunset Slipcovered Grey

my sweet friend Kelli,

helped me plant the planters on the front patio.

Flower Pots

Seeing the sunrise is much sweeter reflecting off these pretty flowers.

Now my house looks more like a home.

Front Curb Appeal

Feels like home too.



Every. Single. Moment.


Ryobi Outdoor Products can be purchased at the HomeDepot

*The 40V X Expand-It String Trimmer attachment options include a

cultivator, edger, and blower.

All attachments are sold separately.*

Ryobi Ambassador badge

****The team at Ryobi Outdoor Products was generous to provide me with a 40 V X Expand-It String Trimmer and 40V Jet Fan Blower. All of the opinions above are my own. I enjoy sharing products with you that create ease in completing a project.*****



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  1. Angie, you have an adventure in front of you! I know you and your hubby will turn this home into a treasure! It is already looking better! What a fun piece of equipment. We have been buying Ryobi all in one pieces and just love them! I’m such a fan of their products! Great to see you in my email! I can’t wait to see more of your home!

  2. Oh my goodness… those views!! I kept strolling hoping you would show more of those mountains and dessert! I have never seen the West at all so it is so fascinating to and beautiful to me! I think we need a post just of the views from your house at different times of the day. At least you have those to distract you from all the work you have to do! 🙂

    I have the Ryobi string trimmer and LOVE it! So lightweight, not noisy, starts so easy every time since no strings to pull, and super easy for me to use! 🙂

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