The Cottage Bed

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 Nothing beats jumping into a bed after a long day.
The cozy pillows and clean sheets are so inviting .
 That is why I want my bed to be the most comfortable
and a beauty to look at during the day.
The perfect bed would have lots of pillows,
and a down comforter at the end of the bed.
 If I didn’t live with a house full of boys,
I would ruffle it up, ruffled pillows, duvet, and dust ruffle.
For now, this is a glimpse of what I have…
 (oops..the duvet is a little “linen” wrinkled in the pic…)
 I did sew the burlap pillow, which is currently for sale at The Boneyard.
I happened upon this bed frame that was cottagey
and perfect for a bedroom retreat.
 I had to have it!
 If I would put it in my house, I have to snatch it up.
Here is the before pic of the headboard…
 and footboard…
This would’ve been great painted white,
but I felt it had to be more of a creamy, yellow.
 I had some left over Sherwin Williams paint that was used in our bathroom.
 The color would be the perfect base,
then with a white wash over the base would complete the look.
I really wanted a lot of texture,
so haphazard brush strokes would give me the look I wanted to achieve.
Here is the texture before the whitewash…
  Here it is after…
Here is the bed complete…
Wouldn’t this look great with all white linens?
Or a turquoise pop of color?
What about a hot pink?
Oh, you could do so many fun colors with this bed!
It’s neutral, so the possibilities are endless.
I have seen similar beds at Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn…
this is a hot style right now…
 I just LOVE!
If I only had one more room… this bed would be staying right here in my home.

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  1. Oh- I love that bed. It turned out great- You did a wonderful job on it,Angie- Blessings and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday- xo Diana

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