Creating A Pool Plan


**Creating A Pool Plan**

First, I am going to give you an overview of the pool building process,

then we can ‘Dive In’ and I’ll show you how we created our backyard oasis.

As we walk along this pool building journey together if you are building a pool, I want to help as much as possible.  There is so much to think about, and let’s face it, when it is complete, you can’t go back and have a do-over.  If you aren’t building a pool, but want to see the process, it’s pretty fascinating.


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The pool plan…

I started with a very good idea of what I wanted before I met with anyone.  I knew I wanted a simple pool.  One where the kids could throw a ball back and forth and a pool with a couple relaxation areas.  In our case it wasn’t just the pool.  It was the entire backyard that needed work.  A seamless backyard that had a nice flow was my desire.  I drew my dream idea on paper so I could communicate my vision with others.

Pool Plan

 I also created a file of pictures that inspired me,

Pool Plan

and scoured the internet looking at Houzz, Porch,

Pinterest (I have a board specifically for pools), and the list goes on.

When we met with Build Your Own Pools they drew our plan to scale.

Pool Plan

This is the plan that everyone looks at.  When it comes to the plan, double and triple check everything making sure it is correct. Being your own contractor you will be using your tape measure making sure everyone follows this plan to a T.  We found it helpful to hang it outside so there was always a referral for everyone on the job site.  (As you can see, I tweaked this plan and have a lot of chicken scratch).

Creating A Plan – What to consider:

Lighting for inside the pool.  We originally had one light drawn in our plan.  Our next door neighbor mentioned he wished he had two lights.  Immediately we changed the plan to have two.  Believe me, it does make a difference.

Relaxation spots.  We chose a bench at one end and a Baja step at the other.

Umbrella sleeves.  This is a must for those who want to get out of the sun.  We put two in the pool, but we wish we would have put one more in.

Water feature.  We chose deck jets, but there are many other options, such as waterfalls and scuppers. 

There is really a lot to think about, so thinking about how you will use your pool will really help when building a plan.  Do you want a slide?  Fire bowls? Eat in bar?  the list goes on and on.

Again, I wanted simple, so it was pretty easy.

Once the plan was drawn up, Build Your Own Pools supplied us with a list of sub-contractors so we could hire the best and start our journey. 

The first step was scraping the property. 

We took out the curvy sidewalk and flattened the entire back yard. 

Before Pool Slipcovered Grey



It was crazy how much larger the yard looked after everything was removed.

Slipcovered grey

Next, the layout was painted which gives a template for the pool and digging.

(Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of this).

Boards were then placed around the pool perimeter –

Slipcoverd Grey

this is where you start to see the pool come to life.

Slipcovered grey

Our home was built on the edge of a mountain and our concern was the dig.  Normally it’s pretty straight forward when excavating, but when you have rock,

who knows what you will find. 

The excavators did end up finding some hard rock (caleechy), which needed to be jack hammered out. 

Slipcovered Grey

Which, of course, costs more per hour of labor.  Luckily it was a small portion of the pool.

Check out that rock…

Slipcovered Grey

The excavators hauled away the dirt and rocks.  They left fill dirt to cover where the electrical and plumbing pipes run.

They also paint where the plumbing pipes will be laid as well as light fixtures etc.

Pretty crazy, isn’t it? 

At this point, there was no turning back.

Until next time…


Every. Single. Moment.


If you missed it…

See before and after pictures here.

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  1. When it comes to getting a swimming pool there is a lot of work that goes into it. You really want to make sure that you have the best plan possible. By doing this you can really save yourself from a lot of headaches.

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