Cutting Down Trees and Saying Goodbye to October

***Cutting Down Trees and Saying Goodbye to October***

It’s getting cooler across the country and once October says it’s goodbye

with tricks, treats, and parties,

the Holiday season begins.

It’s time to cut down the tree’s and make outdoor (or indoor fires),

sip on  hot chocolate

Christmas Hot Chocolate

and in some areas watch the snow fall.

In Arizona,

I won’t be watching the snow fall,

because this is the time of year for outdoor living.

Outdoor living and our backyard is still a mess.


Backyard Before

We are currently working on a pool design.


I am trying to design it myself – the layout.

Yeah, I know… what am I thinking, right?

Before I start, there has been something bugging me about the back yard.

Dead trees – there are two!

Slipcovered Grey

A. We need firewood, right?  for all the fires and future smore’s we are going to make.

B.  I need life back there, not dead remains of what was once a beautiful tree.

C. An open area to envision what could be.

That’s when I grabbed my hubby, safety gear, and our Ryobi 40V Brushless Chainsaw,

and  we got to business.

I first notched out the tree.

Slipcovered grey

from one side,

Slipcovered Grey

(this helps to guide the tree in the direction you want it to fall),

and then Joe cut the other side.

I wanted to video tape this part,

but it happened so quick.

Joe started cutting and within seconds the tree was on the ground.

Slipcovered Grey

Oh well.

This saw cuts like butter and with battery power.  

It still amazes me.

Once the tree was down,

it made me think of Christmas.

So I cut down a limb that looked like it had a great future.

Slipcovered Grey

Look at this!

Slipcovered Grey

I cannot wait to use this for Christmas decorating.

You will have to keep posted to see what I have in mind for this beauty.

After the trees were on the ground,

Slipcovered Grey

we cut the wood for some great pieces of kindling and firewood.

Slipcovered grey

I cannot tell you how great it is to have those trees down!

Joe even mentioned,

“Without the trees, even though the backyard is still a disaster,
it feels more like “ours”.

I couldn’t agree more.

After the trees were down, we moved to the front of the house and used the saw to cut down some overgrown limbs on another tree.

Slipcovered Grey

Now the Bougainvillea on the side of the house can get more sun.

Speaking of Bougainvillea…

I purchased three for the front of the house at Home Depot.

Slipcovered Grey

I guess they grow great in Arizona and I wanted a little more color out front.

What do you think?

Slipcovered Grey

Hopefully they will be beautiful when full grown.

Slipcovered Grey

I just love the color.

We are chipping away at this house.

Little by little.

Inch by inch.

Inside and out.

Are you planning any big outdoor projects?

Cutting down trees, planting shrubs for spring bloom, building a deck, or designing a pool?


Have you done it all and you are currently drinking hot chocolate by your fire enjoying the fruit of your labors?

Whatever your adventure,

Enjoy it!




Thanks for stopping by today!


Ryobi Outdoor Products can be purchased at the HomeDepot.

****The team at Ryobi Outdoor Products was generous to provide me with a 40 V Brushless Chainsaw. I am proud to be a Ryobi Outdoor Ambassador and have had the opportunity to try all of the outdoor products and the opinions above are my own. I enjoy sharing products with you that create ease in completing a project.*****

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  1. Your house is so pretty! I have always wanted to come to Arizona. It looks so nice. My back yard is green, but spotty, and full of nasty leaves. ICK! Oh, the front of my house??? Don’t get me started. I’m pulling out my Ryobi electric lawn mower this weekend and my yard is getting a mini makeover! Love the new Bougainvillea!

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

    1. Thanks Serena! You should come visit Arizona – I think you would really like it. A blogging conference is always an excuse to get you here. 🙂 I’ll be excited to see your mini makeover. Have fun! Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

  2. Angie, you are off to a great start. You have a beautiful canvas to work with. Whatever you do will be AMAZING !

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