Design Choices For A Small Bathroom

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Design Choices For A Small Bathroom

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Thank you all so much for your kind comments about my One Room Challenge project.  The bathroom was a tremendous amount of work but it feels great to have it completed.  

The last week of the challenge was rushed and there is so much more I want to share with you about the process.

I want to share with you…

  • How I distressed and finished the wood used in the bathroom.  This was a process and I want you to see how it was done.  Anyone can do it!  
  • How the artwork/sign was created and  completed in a day.  
  • How this bathroom was done on a budget.

Today, however, I want to explain

my design choices.

Let’s first start out by saying the footprint is very small.  

Literally not much room to accommodate anything much more than a toilet and sink.  

This bathroom does have high ceilings so that is a plus.

I wanted the space to feel bigger so I knew adding planked walls horizontally would do that.  

They had to be the right size though.  

I chose 1″ x 8″ pine boards because I wanted them to be beefy and wide.  

This may seem like it would make the space smaller,

but it actually gives an illusion that the room is bigger.  

If the boards are too small it would make it seem like too much is going on in there.  

I also wanted pine because of the knots in the wood.  

As mentioned earlier – the ceiling is high.  I wanted to utilize that by painting the ceiling.  

Painting the ceiling draws the eye upward while balancing out the room.  

It also adds a surprise element.  

I chose the Lisboa stencil because it reminded me of

vintage tin ceilings with a hint of Mediterranean vibe.

The giraffe artwork was the inspiration for the entire space.  

When I saw the giraffe it stared at me and I knew it had to go in a bathroom.  

This was also when the color scheme was decided.  

Looking at the piece of art there is a natural wood tone frame, grayish white background, and the giraffe has some dark grey tones on his body and speckled fur.  

The dark grey speckles immediately inspired a dark grey wall.  

Why? I felt the giraffe would pop out of the artwork this way.  

I also thought the natural wood would look amazing against the dark grey walls.  

The grayish white background was the inspiration for the distressed planked walls.  

This also inspired the hex tile with dark grey grout as I knew I wanted a vintage vibe in the room.

The artwork is framed in natural wood therefore more natural wood tones needed to come into the space.  

That is why a round mirror was selected.  

At first I purchased the mirror originally on the inspiration board,

but when I brought it home the shape wasn’t right.  

It matched the rectangle shape of the giraffe artwork and didn’t visually look right.  

Luckily I found a round natural wood framed mirror online hoping this would do the trick.  

It was the perfect size.  Well, kind of…

The rope was too long and it needed to hang from this wooden peg.


The wooden peg had to hang below the light fixture, so twisting the rope was the only option to rectify the problem.  It actually worked.

This was a high five moment as I learned tweaking items to make them work is always an option.

The natural tones were also brought in with the rug and basket which houses toilet paper.

***On a side note… height of a mirror is super important in a bathroom.  Everyone should be able to see themselves without placing the mirror too high or too low.  With high ceilings it feels like a mirror should go higher, but it really shouldn’t because it will feel (and look) like it is floating too high and not grounded.***  

This artwork

was created using the same color as on the planked walls and natural barn/distressed wood used for the frame.  It is a large piece.  I wanted to fill the wall horizontally and be noticed when closing the door.

As an added touch I wanted to have space for small candles which can be lit when entertaining.  

Because the space is limited, I opted for a small ledge that can house votive candles.  This is also a great ledge for bottles or small vases filled with flowers.  

Cove trim pieces were added to the underside of the ledge lending a finished look.

Last but not least, let’s talk fixtures.  

Chrome is one of my favorite finishes for a bathroom

as it adds a bit of sparkle.  

The Jado faucet,

light fixture, and toilet paper holder are mixed in the room to add that extra shine.

I truly feel that giraffe really got the wheels spinning on this project.

It was an inspiration which led to a completed powder room/half bath.

Do you design rooms around a piece of art as inspiration?

I would love to hear!


Every. Single. Moment.



Light Fixture, Pottery Barn | Set of 3 Wooden Coat Hooks, CB2 | Toilet Paper Holder, Pottery Barn | Turkish Towel discontinued – Similar Turkish Towel, West Elm | Candle discontinued – Similar Candle, Pottery Barn | Similar Jute Rug, Bed Bath & Beyond

Giraffe Art – Home Goods

Ceiling Stencil – Royal Design Studio

Senga Mirror by Imax – Houzz

Kohler Memoirs Pedestal Sink 

1″ Hexagon Tile – Home Depot

All Wood – Home Depot

Paint Color – Flint RH

Kohler Toilet – Lowes

Faucet – Jado 

Basket – Home Goods

Turkish Towel – West Elm

Flower Vase – Cozumel Souvenir

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