A DIY Bird’s Nest


Have you ever looked at a bird’s nest and wondered how a bird makes such intricate little havens for it’s babies? 

Birds take nature and use it to create soft, warm places for their eggs.

It is quite amazing. 

This made me think… how could I create my own bird’s nest using the same materials a bird does? 

When fall hits, flowers fade and cleaning up the garden is a must.  Take a look at this beauty on my patio. 

Bird's Nest

It is really embarrassing, but let’s face it… this is what happens with those pretty flowers when the temps. take a dive.

As I was ready to dig in and plant my fall mums, I looked a little closer at what was in front of me.

DIY Bird's Nest

To a bird, this is the beginning of a future home.


I cut the stems of brown and some green and thought I would give this a try.

DIY Bird's Nest

I wanted to gather enough so I could shape it into a bird’s nest. 

It was easy…

Just like making the branches into a wreath, I created a circle by wrapping the branches around each other.  Weaving them together helped to keep the nest intact.

Eventually those branches turned into this…

DIY Bird's Nest

An organic, purely natural bird’s nest. 

DIY Bird's Nest

That doesn’t even weigh in at a pound.

Bird's Nest

It reminds me that simple things in nature can make the most beautiful pieces of art.

Bird's Nest

Unique havens for the newborn,

Bird's Nest

and decorations for in the home.

I am glad I stopped to appreciate the beauty of a faded flowering perennial. 

I think the birdies out there would be proud.


Every. Single. Moment.


DIY Bird's Nest


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