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Today I am trying to maintain my composure as I am working on my site to make it better.   Seriously, I am screaming inside and about ready to pull the hair out of my head.  So instead of physically doing that to myself I am going to write, which is something I enjoy doing.  Hopefully this will help to lower my blood pressure and refrain from throwing my computer across the room.  Yes, I sound like I am having a temper tantrum, don’t I?  Maybe I should hire a web designer – dream…

I recently showed you how to get organized before you paint a dresser or large piece.   You can read all about it here.  I bet you would like to see the finished piece.

Here is the before…french provincial dresser

Here is the after…

French Provincial Dresser DIY

I fell in love with this Craigslist find immediately.  The lines and detailing were so beautiful.  I envisioned grey with accents of white on this piece to create a feminine, yet glamorous  look.  I wanted to create a piece that could compliment a sheepskin fuzzy white throw, crystal chandelier, silver accessories, and a bed draped in white linens.

This called for Annie Sloan paint!

After prepping and cleaning the surface, I dove right in.  Luckily, at the Haven Conference, I won a can of Annie Sloan, French Linen Paint.  I know! I was super lucky at the Wheel of Fortune game.  The thing is, I am not the luckiest when it comes to winning anything.

First, I painted the top with Annie Sloan, Pure White.

French Provincial Dresser

The white took a few coats to achieve the desired look.  Above you see the first coat.

Next, the body was painted with French Linen and the lines painted with Pure White.

French Provincial Dresser

I used a small brush to get into the grooves, trying to be neat, but not focused on being super neat.  I knew I was going to distress this area and it would give the look I wanted to achieve.

You can see the messy lines from my “not so steady” hands.

French Provincial Dresser

I know, I know… not so neat, right?  Not to worry…

This is where I got out the handy, dandy sandpaper…

and lightly sanded.

French Provincial Dresser

French Provincial Dresser

French Provincial Dresser

You can see where all of the edges of the dresser were sanded

creating lightly distressed areas.

You may ask why I chose not to paint the inside groove of the drawers.  I wanted this dresser to have clean lines and felt painting the grooves white would be too busy and take away from the simplicity of the dresser.

After painting, a clear coat of Annie Sloan wax was applied.

Here she is…

French Provincial Dresser

What do you think?

Can you envision this piece with a sheepskin fuzzy white throw, crystal chandelier, silver accessories, and a bed draped in white linens?

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  1. I love this style furniture. Have several french provincial dressers in my house and my old bedroom suite is french provincial. I have actually seen this exact dresser for sale several times but had to resist buying it cause I am out of space 🙂 LOVE how you painted it – the 2 toned look is subtle but beautiful!

    1. I hear you! I love the French Provincial look too! My garage is plum full of unfinished furniture with no room in my house any more. 🙂

  2. I love how your dresser turned out. Very classy indeed. The two tone paints add a subtle touch I find. I will be starting to work on a dresser like the one shown. What kind of treatment did you apply to the handles?

    1. Thank you Anita! I didn’t apply any paint or treatment to them. I thought they worked in their natural color. I gave them a good cleaning though. 🙂

  3. I saw where you used body putty to fill damaged veneer dresser, great idea, then I thought ok how you going to make this look like the original veneer? Well now I see you paint it, loosing the wood effect. Im a woodworker, and like seeing Oak and cherry and other woods pop when finished, but wow I liked what you did with the paint. Im going to follow you and try your stuff. Thank you and glad I found you. Garver, Chetek WI,

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