DIY Heart Topiary


This DIY heart topiary is super easy to make and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a tough holiday for me. Not because of the meaning, but of the decorating. I always want to decorate for this holiday, but feel I lose my personal style in the process. Can you relate? I am not a bright red and white girl. I enjoy subtle touches that tell a story where someone may have to search my home to find a pleasant surprise. That’s when I came up with the idea for an easy DIY heart topiary. It would have to be delicate and sweet, just like Valentine’s Day itself. Best yet, I believe this topiary could live in the house year round.

Ready to grab supplies and get started? Most likely you have these items sitting around your home. I will link items for you as well just in case you don’t.

DIY Heart Topiary

Supply List:

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1. Shape your topiary heart.

Start by unraveling a wire hanger into the shape desired. I used my hands for most of this and it automatically had a bit of a heart shape to it.

Here you see it isn’t a perfect shape, but no worries, the greenery will cover the imperfections. Also, keep in mind, topiary plants are trimmed, but they also aren’t perfectly shaped. They have their wild stray vines as well.

Pliers will also help to form the correct shape.

At the base of the heart I used a pliers to wrap the loose ends around one another keeping a tail.

This tail (longer portion) will be used to wrap securely around your topiary trunk (stick, bamboo stick, wooden dowel).

2. Attach the wire frame to the topiary trunk.

Wrap the tail around the top of the topiary trunk making sure to tuck in the loose ends. This will keep the sharp edges hidden.

3. Make the topiary tall.

I glued two bamboo sticks together with hot glue to make this topiary extra tall.

This took a little patience, but eventually the two pieces stuck together.

4. Place floral foam in desired pot.

Cut floral foam to fit in pot and push stick/trunk into the floral foam.

You should have a piece that looks like this.

5. Attach the faux greenery to the wire frame.

Gather the greenery. Originally I chose something I had on hand in the house. It was an ivy (as you can see in the first picture). The leaves were too big for this project and the topiary was going to resemble a bit of a mess and not a heart. That is why I recommend a smaller leaf like the faux greenery I found at Hobby Lobby.

It reminded me of the myrtle topiary leaves that I adore. This leaf also gives a delicate touch to the topiary.

Cut off the stems

and start wrapping them individually around the wire form.

This is the fun part where the topiary comes to life. I layered the greenery stems until I felt I had enough with keeping the shape.

   To give it a realistic look, I let ends of stems go outside of the wire frame as though the leaves were wildly growing. I also wrapped around the wire attached to the stick leaving a couple stragglers.

6. Add a special touch with red and white string.

Wrap red and white ties around the base of the topiary heart. I also added a tie around the glue holding the bamboo sticks together.

8. Cover the floral foam.

Cover the floral foam with small red beans – this gives texture and something unexpected. Wrap a couple of stems around the base – I actually put them in the floral foam to hold in place.

9. Enjoy!

Now it’s time to sit and enjoy your DIY heart topiary. I love mine! It’s soft, sweet, and delicate. I think it adds just the right Valentine’s Day touch, don’t you?

As you enjoy your new heart topiary, you may want to give this drink a try! It is so good and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Looking forward, I am excited to share more of my house renovation. So, stay tuned! 

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