DIY Lamp

Do you ever feel like pieces scream “BUY ME” all the way across a room?
 They scream so loud you stop, stare, and without thinking
you are sprinting to get to them,
but you feel as though you are running in slow motion
against everyone else that they’re screaming at!
 You try to move fast, which seems like an eternity.
 You try to make sure no one see’s you bee line for the best find ever.
 You race and finally snatch them up, quickly, without hesitation.
All of the fuss for what?
A pair of vintage, somewhat gaudy lamps?
You bet!
Here is what the fuss was all about…
I love, love, loved the lines on these!
 I knew they would look beautiful painted and had to have them.
I wanted to give them an appearance of an old candlestick,
so I used a similar technique that was used with
a previous Brass Lamp Redo.

 I chose ASCP, Old Ochre for the base coat.
You can see it here, it is a nice creamy color.
 Annie Sloan paints cover so well with one coat,
but I chose to do two coats on these.
 Then I lightly applied gesso to give texture
in all of the amazing grooves and details.
 The gesso lightened up the lamps and gave them a washed texture.
The lampshades were very outdated, so I took the fabric off of the shades
leaving the cage exposed.
 This gave the shade a very retro look.
 Einstein bulbs were added to give them some nostalgia and uniqueness.
They spoke (screamed) to me in their vintage, gaudy state.
 I am thankful they did!
 They now are vintage beauties smiling in someone’s home.
Share your comments with me on this one.
Tell me you have had similar experiences with finds…
items screaming your name… you rushing, tripping, and heart racing
to reach the piece before someone else.   Am I the only one???

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