DIY The Perfect Painted Pillow


***DIY The Perfect Painted Pillow***

Have you heard of Paint A Pillow?  

Paint a Pillow Stenciling

I have a bit of an addiction to pillows as I think they add color, texture, and a feeling of coziness to a room.  When I saw Paint A Pillow for the first time I thought,

“What a brilliant idea!  

DIY The Perfect Pillow

A company that provides a pillow, pillow cover, stencil, and paint all in one box.”

DIY Pillow

I had to give it a try.   I have to tell you, upon receiving the Paint A Pillow Kit I was excited.  I knew exactly where to place the pillows knowing they would make a statement. 

But something happened… I froze. 

I was a little chicken. 

Scared of messing something up. 


Yep,  it was truly annoying. 

Have you had this sense of fear about an interior project that you put off and don’t do? 

For days,

which turns into months,

which turns into years

If you said yes, well, I hear you loud and clear. 

I’ve had those feelings about several projects and when the project is complete, I think, why the heck didn’t I do it sooner?  So there I sat with fear… fear over painting a pillow.  Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it?  I tend to be an over thinker on things…

(because of my perfectionism I suppose)??  

I don’t have much experience with stenciling on fabric and my worry was bleed through.  The paint would bleed through and I would have no way to correct it!  eek!  

So there I sat with my brushes

Painting a Pillow

and paint…

ready to go…  

The kit comes with a roller, 1 jar of paint, and a brush.  

Paint a Pillow with Stencils

If I wanted one color – I could simply roll the color on and in about 5 minutes the pillow would be painted.  but… you know me, I need to challenge myself and really make this pillow look artistic, so I chose two paint colors. Grey and Turquoise.  

Paint a Pillow

I thought these colors would complement the colors of my home beautifully.

The Gabrielle Damask stencil is gorgeous with its intricate detail. I wanted to make sure I had the colors mirror each other on either side.  That’s when I came up with the idea to use drawing paper to figure out where the color was going to go.  I placed the drawing paper under the stencil and using color pencil, I colored where I wanted the paint to go.

Paint A Pillow Stencil

 This was also a great guide for me as I painted. 

Paint a Pillow Stencil

What really made this fool-proof was the kit.  

With the registration marks on the board,

Paint A Pillow with Stencils

the clips

Paint A Pillow Stencil

which hold the stencil down, and the solid foundation, it made it extremely easy to work with.

Having different sizes of brushes is beneficial.

I used small brushes

Paint a Pillow Stenciling

for the intricate areas and larger brushes

Paint A Pillow

for the bigger areas.

After the grey was painted,

I started with the turquoise.

Paint a Pillow Stenciling

The turquoise paint gave a watercolor effect that I really liked.  

 It was exciting to see the transformation and the pillow come to life.

After a short time,

the pillow cover was painted

Paint a Pillow Stenciling

and it was time to heat set the paint.

Paint a Pillow Stenciling

I set a cotton pillowcase in between the iron and pillow cover and heated the paint as recommended.


   When I finally decided to have a little faith and follow the tutorials, it wasn’t that difficult after all.  All of that worry, days of putting it off, and feeling inadequate could have been avoided.

Here the pillows are in my courtyard.

What do you think?  

Stenciled Pillow

They are pretty, aren’t they?

Paint A Pillow Stencil

and here is where they will go when they are not being used outside…

Paint a Pillow Stencil

on my indoor bench/reading nook.

I love that the colors go perfectly with my decor.  

These stencils allowed me to pick what colors I wanted and customize to my liking – love that!

So the moral of this story… forget fear, and be courageous, something great always comes out of it.

You can see more stencil patterns, tutorials, and read more about Paint-A-Pillow here.

Until next time…


Every. Single. Moment.


***Paint-A-Pillow provided me with the kit and products to try and share with you.***

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  1. Love that we can be very specific in customizing color(s) and not have to default to what’s only available on the market. Nice, Angie, you’ve a beautiful courtyard. You tackle your fears well, Interior Warrior! ;D

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