DIY Vintage Inspired Flower Box


Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a little chilly here in Georgia, which makes me excited to spend the day indoors

cooking and having fun with the kiddos.

It also reminded me that I needed to share a project I did awhile back.

Maybe this is something you can use for your Christmas Decorating

If you read my Ryobi Nail Gun post,

you know how quick and easy a wood project can be completed. 

There are big plans for this nail gun,

but for starters,

I wanted to come up with a simple project

Vintage boxes with worn and weathered wood are something I have always coveted.  

I thought duplicating one would make a perfect addition to my kitchen table.

Not only would I have the box, but it would give me the opportunity

to display seasonal flowers.

My kitchen and sunroom is full of blues, greys and white. 

Home Tour Kitchen

I felt it needed a pop of something more fun. 


That’s when I thought of S. Pellegrino bottles. 

They have the most beautiful green color and sparkle in the light.

Green BottleHere you see the bottle sparkle and reflect light as it sits on a mercury glass tray

I created. 


That’s when I had an “ah ha” moment.

I envisioned this…

Tea Stained Box

Before I knew it,

it was sitting on my table.


These bottles can also be candle holders using tapers.

For now,

Limelight Hydrangeas gracefully fill the bottles.

Here’s how I made the wooden box…

(These measurements are as though a S. Pellegrino bottle is used).


(2) 1×8 pine boards (used for the sides and ends of the box)

(1) 1×4 pine board (used for the bottom of the box)

Stain (I made my own tea stain)

Wooden Box

The 1×8 boards used for the sides of the box were ripped to have a height of 6″.

I wanted the bottle neck to be exposed more than it was.

Then they were cut to 40″ wide, which would accommodate 7 bottles.

Flower Box

 The exact dimensions are as follows:

***Remember to measure the boards to your liking.  These are the dimensions that worked for me, but you may find your boards are cut a little different.  Did you know 1×8’s aren’t exactly 1×8?  They are roughly 3/4″x7 1/4″ . 

My rule of thumb… measure twice and cut once.***

Wooden Box

1.  (2)  3 1/2″x5 1/4″ end pieces.  Pay attention to the grain here… do you want it horizontal or vertical?  I wanted mine horizontal to coordinate with the side pieces of the box.

2.  (2)  40″x6″ pieces.

3.  (1)  40″x3 1/2″ piece.

DIY Wooden Box

Here’s a trick… 

to secure the boards together, use the end piece to hold up the board while nailing the bottom and side pieces together. 

Cordless Nail Gun

Once the bottom and sides are secure, it is time to add the end pieces.

Push them snug in between the side boards.


Flower Box

Once the end pieces are in position clamp them together.

Now it is time to nail the pieces together and finish the project.

I love this part!


Wooden Box

The flower box is almost complete.

I decided to round the edges by sanding to give an extra finished look. 

Wooden box

Stain or paint the box and place bottles and flowers inside.

Wooden Box

Wooden Box


Wooden Flower Box

Now I am thinking of ways I can use this for Christmas. 

How would you use this in your home?

Thanks so much for visiting today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Thank YOU for reading.

I appreciate you more than you could ever know.




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