Downton Abbey Christmas Tree

***Downton Abbey Christmas Tree***

So, I will admit.  I am a little late to the Downton Abbey party.  Yeah, I watched all five seasons in a short month.  Seriously!  I can’t believe I was so late to get my act in gear.  Now, I cannot wait for the next season to start in January.  Were you swooning over that beautiful Christmas Tree as much as I was?  It was definitely something you would see in a castle.

Now, I know most of us don’t live in a castle, but why not have a tree as perfect as Downton Abbey’s?  Without the maids and valets, we can do it!  With all of the great Christmas decor deals happening now it’s the perfect time.  Soooo…  what would you put on your Downton Abbey tree to mimic theirs?  I’ve come up with a few ideas to help in the decision making and feel free to add on to the list in the comment section below.

Downton Abbey Christmas tree

Blown Glass Ornaments //Vintage Glass Ornaments//silver ball ornament//garland//snowflake ornament//Truck with Christmas Tree

Starting with a gorgeous tree is a must.  Today I am going to focus on an artificial tree

Why, you may ask? 

Well, here’s one I don’t even think you will believe, but this seriously happened. 

My sister has always had the most beautiful tree.  I would go to her house and admire it.   

southern living idea house Christmas tree

Except one year… 

She purchased a gorgeous, freshly cut tree which she decorated to perfection.  Shortly thereafter, her family packed up and went on vacation for a week to get away from the chilly winter weather.   The neighbors were supposed to water the tree and all would be perfect when returning. 

Not so fast… 

They returned from that sunny vacation and checked the tree.  It seemed dry, so they watered it. 

A day or two went by and bugs were flying. 


The beautifully decorated tree had bugs.  Not just a handful, but hundreds! 

Christmas Idea House

My sister panicked.  

Husband at work… kids at school… neighbors not home… 

What to do? 

She called her friend who rushed over.  They both tried to pick up the tree. 

***Their fingers sank into the trunk of the tree.*** 

These little bugs, which they later found out were aphids, had hatched their eggs and the tree trunk was like mush full of aphids and their hatching eggs. They had to squish their fingers through the bugs to lift up the tree.

Are you still with me? 

They were completely grossed out!  With the tree in their hands, they picked it up, carried it down the hall, and threw it out the front door.  Onto the snow…  ornaments, lights, decorations, aphids and all. 

Christmas Home Tour - Slipcovered Grey


On. The. Snow. 

In the front yard. 


So… shall we head back to the artificial trees???

My favorites are by Balsam Hill and

would be my first picks because they are very realistic.

I want someone to go up to the tree and feel it.

Downton Abbey used silver

Tinsel Garland,

clear lights and vintage ornaments.

Using colors of silver with pops of red and muted colors

make the Downton Abbey tree shine.

Downton Abbey Christmas tree

Blown Glass Ornaments //Vintage Glass Ornaments//silver ball ornament//garland//snowflake ornament//Truck with Christmas Tree

So… what would you add to the Downton Abbey Christmas tree?

Hopefully it isn’t aphids.


Do you have an artificial tree or do you head out to get the real deal?

Either way,  I bet it’s beautiful. 


Every. Single. Moment.


Oh, and if you would like to see the Southern Living Idea House decorated for Christmas, check it out hereTwo of the Christmas trees above are pictures from the farmhouse.

My sister gave me an early Christmas present…

I am so excited!

Downton Abbey – A Celebration: The Official Companion to All Six Seasons

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  1. Oh my gosh I would have FREAKED! And I totally would’ve thrown that thing out in the snow fully decorated too. Yikes! Anyway, love the idea of a Downton Abbey tree!

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