Fashion Fun Day – The White Trend

Friends, I am extremely excited to share with you some exciting things that are going to be happening with the blog.  There are going to be some changes around here that I hope you are going to enjoy.  If you are into design, most likely, you are into fashion as well.  I believe if you can decorate and create in your home it coincides with choices you make in your wardrobe.  Starting this week, there will be an exciting new page to the blog. 

Fashion Fun Days! 

I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this with you.  My friend, Maryjo, is going to open your eyes to fashion and how to stay in trend with what you own for every budget, every body type, every age, every person – so you too can stand out with your wardrobe by being yourself in the fashion world.

Maryjo has been into fashion for as long as she can remember.  She became a “student” of fashion and the fashion industry 14 1/2 years ago.  That is when she was one of 10 women to start up a clothing line, which is now called cabi (Carol Anderson By Invitation).  Carol Anderson, who once sold her designs at Nordstroms and boutiques created a beautiful clothing line and Maryjo was there in the very beginning.  Not only is Maryjo one of the most beautiful women on the outside, but has a heart full of gold on the inside.  She is a blessing to me and I know she will bless you with all of her fun insight of fashion.

Make sure to grab your favorite beverage and travel along for the ride.  It’s going to be fantastic!

Take it away Maryjo…

I love trends!

I am not a fan of trendy. Big difference!

Being on trend is about looking current and freshening up your look.

Trendy is being extreme on what is “hot” and looking for the next “hot” thing to buy.
Fashion is all about having fun dressing, adding your own style expression and fitting your body type. With this in mind, you can incorporate a trend.
I get excited when there is a fashion trend that is easy to incorporate with items I already have hanging in my closet. I am all over the All White trend! So much so …. I have worn it 3 times in the last week.

Throw out the “rule” for wearing white, because waiting until after Memorial Day to wear white is seriously not a rule! Oh, and don’t forget to wear them beyond Labor Day too.  I am loving all the shades of white and wearing the different shades of white together.
White is so fresh, youthful and sophisticated. An all white outfit can be worn super casual or dressed up. The trick is in how you accessorize. Try a fashion tennie, an all white leather tennie(another great trend), or try a leather jacket for a fabulous, unexpected accessory! Have fun!

With Maryjo’s tips, I put together different ways to wear whites.  

The first outfit is an outfit I would wear out to lunch and shopping with girlfriends…

White Trend

White Jeans/Cardi/Bangle/Similar Handbag/Sneaker/Belt/Similar Top

This is what I grabbed out of my closet...

This pairing is light, feminine and flows beautifully.  This would be perfect to wear during the day and into night.

How to Wear White

Vintage cabi Linen Jacket/TJMaxx Tank/Vintage cabi jean/Vintage Shoes from TargetSimilar Wedge/Necklace (Handmade by One Beautiful Life Jewelry)

I adore this dress…

This could be worn all by itself – simple and beautiful.

Add a little jewelry and a fun jacket and you have a totally different look. 

White Trend


This combo is just me!  It’s relaxed, yet stylish.

Wear White Fashion Trend


Rolling up these jeans with a messy roll would be so much fun with the sneakers.  

Wear this look all day or into the night.  The sweater is a perfect addition to complete the outfit, but can also be dressed up with a dressier pant and sandal…

White Trend

Jeans/Top/Necklace//Sweater /Sneaker

Thanks, Maryjo, for sharing your love of white by explaining how we can be trendy and in fashion by freshening up our look.  I love the tennies with rolled up jeans and cute dresses.

(Can you tell?) 

I bet we all have some great white pieces in our closet.  So… shop your closet and wear your white. 

As you’re shopping your closet, 

I would love to hear how you use white in your wardrobe.  

Are you casual or do you like to dress up?

What do you do to show your personal style?

Do tell!

In the meantime, I’m going to shop my closet too.

Have fun!


Every. Single. Moment.


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  1. Hi, Slipcovered Grey!

    Coincidentally, I’ve been rocking the all-white trend especially with the extreme heat of where I live. It’s cooling whether in a polished or easy ensemble. Dress it up with bold gold accessories and brightly colored shoes or take it easy with wood bangles/earrings and nude sandals. Much in the way I love dressing in all black, I always feel great in all white – all year round. I’m 5’2 and monochromatic dressing is slimming and striking. I really like each of the outfits photographed above so thanks for the ideas!

    1. Love this, Mimi! I’m just like you – I love monochromatic dressing, it sounds like you are definitely rocking the all-white trend. Thanks for your ideas too… love them!

  2. Love the outfits you put together! I just found a very expensive white linen shirt at my favorite thrift store and I am so inspired now as to how to wear it! So much fun! Thanks for the post! Jane Flora Doora

    1. Jane, Don’t you just love finding gems at thrift stores? It sounds like you scored big time! I am so glad you are inspired. I would love to hear how you end up pairing your linen shirt back with items from your wardrobe.

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