The Final Stretch – One Room Challenge week 5


Woah!  I cannot believe there is only one week left of the One Room Challenge.  

These weeks have really flown by and I’m working super hard, but feel like this powder room may never reach the finish line.  I still have my fingers crossed, but honestly, this one is going to go down to the very last second.  

Do you remember those design challenge shows where everyone is franticly running around?  Then they blow a whistle and everyone has to stop, lift their hands up, and be done.  Yeah, that’s where I am right now… running franticly against the clock.  I do have faith that when the time is up I will get it done for you to see.

This week was actually a big week.  Let me start out by saying, bathrooms take a lot of planning.  For instance, there is an order that needs to be followed or else delays are inevitable.  For this project the first item that needed to be accomplished was a painted ceiling.  

I wanted to do this first as I knew I wouldn’t want to spill paint all over the new tile floor.  I could have removed the flooring first and then painted, that would’ve been even better, but painting won out this time due to hubbies schedule.

Once the ceiling was complete, I painted the upper portion of the wall with Flint.  The lower portion of the wall will eventually have wood planking.

After painting the wall, we removed the old tile.  Underneath the tile was a bunch of hard thin-set/mortar.  At that point we decided to rent a power tool that would remove the thin-set/mortar quickly.

It was worth the expense as it was done in less than thirty minutes.  

We then laid the new tile.  

I chose a 1×1 white hexagon pattern.  I’ve always loved the vintage charm hex tile gives to powder rooms.  This took us several hours as I wanted to be meticulous with spacing, and since we have never laid hex tile before we were learning as we went.  

There were a few things we would have done differently, but overall, we are happy with it.

Today is grouting the tile.   Let me tell you, it’s taking longer than I thought it would.  

Doesn’t it always?

After that, the next plan of attack is painting the wood, cutting, and putting it on the wall.

There is so much more…

Next week is the final reveal.  

I will be here, ready or not.  Looking forward to seeing you then.

Until next time…


Every. Single. Moment.


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  1. The room looks amazing ! I am so jealous ….. trust me your hard work and attention to the most finite detail is not lost on any of your followers/readers. You actually give me hope that one day I may be able to tackle hex tile . JK!! (I would be the one-room-challenger who sub-contracted everything out). To each his own, but I like to follow the ones – like you, who get down and dirty and learn new trades and share .
    Again, challenge week … a piece o’ cake for you !

    1. You seriously made my day! Thank you for such a sweet comment. It’s comments like yours that keep me writing and sharing. I hope what I try to accomplish inspires others to give it a shot. Thank you for reading, following along, and encouraging me. I needed this to push me through to the finish line.

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