Fourth of July

Another year, somehow, has flown by!  
 July is an exciting month!  
 Not only is it the 4thof July, my son was born July 1st
my mother in-law celebrates her birthday on the 3rd
and Joe and I married on the 24th.   
This is a special month for me! 
 Oh, I forgot to tell you too, Holly’s birthday is on the 5th too.  
 (You will see Holly guest posting here from time to time).   
See… a lot of great events this month.
The weekend was spent spoiling my son.   
Turning 11 only happens once and I always try to make my kid’s birthdays special.  
 For special occasions I make homemade cinnamon rolls to start out the day. 
They are bubbling hot here…
Then the day is ended with a homemade chocolate cake… 
that is the request every year.  
 I am definitely not a baker, but I give it a good shot.   
It tastes good, so that is what matters, right?
He had a great day.  For that I am thankful.  
Here is a chalkboard I made to display outside. 
Perfect for messages, 
especially birthday messages! 
My mom was cleaning and found this calendar board, she was going to throw it out. 
 I immediately thought anything Coca Cola is cool… 
perfect for a chalkboard.  
 Why do I love chalkboards so much?
Tonight I am going to make this yummy dessert 
to celebrate the 4th!

I am sure you all have tried to make the cookie pizza right?
It is so good! 
This is a feel good dessert…
It has fruit on it, so it must be good for us!

Tomorrow is the 4th.
Early in the morning we go to a parade on our golf cart.
Yes, I live in a community with over 90 miles of
golf cart paths.
It is a little crazy, but it is so fun every year!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!
Let’s celebrate!
Here is the easy cookie fruit pizza recipe:

Refrigerated Sugar Cookie Dough
8 oz. Cream Cheese
1/2 c. Sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla
On a round pizza pan roll out the cookie dough
forming a pizza dough shape.
 Bake as directed. 
(Dough is thinner rolled out into this shape,
adjust time to your oven).
Allow crust to cool.

Combine cream cheese, sugar and vanilla.
Spread evenly on cookie crust.
Top with your favorite fruit.
Easy, right?

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