A Gallery Wall with Lasting Memories


Have you ever had a wall where you couldn’t decide what artwork to display?  You know… that conversation in your head when staring at a blank wall…

Should I purchase expensive art?  Use family photos?  Hang found objects as art? 

Well, well… no fear.

I had an empty and lonely wall too and found a fun solution.

I am hoping to help you solve that blank wall conundrum too.

It involves a little help…

Just grab your family and/or friends and have a fun evening creating art for a gallery wall.


If you know me, you know I am a sentimental girl.  I love having items in my house from family and friends that really tell a story.  It’s about keeping something that actually means something.  You can see what I did with my grandparent’s chair here to get an idea.

When my grandma was visiting Arizona she told me she didn’t think she would be traveling anymore. That broke my heart as I love seeing her and it really is fun when she is around.  She is the youngest 95-year-old woman I have ever met.  She is so fun!  She even went four wheeling in the desert while she was here.  I know! She is that cool – and always up for anything!

Well, if it was her last visit, I wanted something that would last a lifetime in my house.  My parents were here too.  I got to thinking of that lonely wall and grabbed the paintbrushes, paints, and paper

Create A Gallery Wall

and told everyone to create art for me!  I explained what I wanted them to do and where their masterpiece would eventually hang on the wall.  I wanted them to be free and create something unique to their personality.

I didn’t know what to expect, but once everyone realized I really didn’t care what they created, they were off.

Create a Family Gallery Wall

It was a time for all of us to share…  laughing,

Gallery Wall

creating, and most importantly,

Gallery Wall

cherishing a moment together.

Everyone had a story to tell with their artwork which made every piece of what was originally a blank paper

Gallery Wall

become a piece of art with a story to tell.

My dad painted a green moon.

Gallery Wall

My grandma had read on Facebook that a green moon was going to appear one evening.  My parents and grandma went outside anticipating that green moon… only to find it was a hoax.  That was the joke for the rest of her stay with my parents.  We laughed and laughed hearing the story.

We also had a ping-pong tournament (my dad was the winner) and my husband’s art was a ping pong table,

Gallery Wall

my boys’

Create a Gallery Wall

and my mom’s art

were abstract

and unique.

My grandma’s art is a flower with its delicate leaves.

I also made sure to have everyone sign their piece…

When my grandma signed, she was a Great Grandma – now she is a Great, Great, Grandma!

Once everyone was finished signing we took a photo of every masterpiece and a group photo to capture this moment!

This was such a fun activity!

Now I have a colorful one-of-a-kind gallery wall full of meaning.

Who knew a wall could be a show stopper?  Guests always comment and ask about the wall.

It’s unique. It’s fun. and It’s special.

This can’t be bought in a store.

Create a Gallery Wall

It’s amazing what can happen with a blank sheet of paper, brushes, and paint.

If you want to do this with family and friends make it a festive, fun event.

Here are a few ideas:

Creative Girl’s Night

Couples Make Two – Take One

Family Creative Memories

If you don’t have a large wall to fill, just get the gang together and create some memories by getting those creative juices flowing.  Who knows?  You may have a hidden Picasso in the room!

Want to add some more unique one-of-a-kind pieces in your home that tell a story?  Check out these projects…

                           French Patina

Subway Art Wishes/What’s Underneath Your Upholstered Seat?

Oh, and… my grandma has the best banana bread recipe! … you can get it here.  I promise you will want to make this bread over and over again.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Until next time…


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