Garage Sales

There are so many exciting things that have happened in the past week,
I am about to burst!
Can I just say, I almost gave up on garage sales.  Seriously!  I would get so
frustrated at garage sales… junk, junk, junk!
Okay, yes, I know the saying “One’s trash is another’s treasure”,
but I searched and searched only to find someone’s trash.
Definitely NOT treasures!
Until last weekend! 
I had the most amazing weekend shopping at, you guessed it…
Not only did I find some amazing deals, I met an amazing couple.
Julie and Jerry.
This is what I purchased from them…
I have never met such a talented couple before!  He is an architect and she is a painter.
Their beautiful Craftsman Style home was on a lake with views from every angle. Perfectly nestled back in the trees, you couldn’t see their oasis from the street.
We had so much in common (love for antiques, art, etc.) 
that Julie invited us in to see her home.
(We also told her, we better be the first she calls when they are ready to sell. 
I have to dream, right?)
Not only was this house beautiful, you would not believe the antiques and breathtaking furniture in there.  It blew me away.  There was a story for every piece and I could have sat there all day to hear the history.  
Then I looked on the walls and the oil paintings looked as though they were straight from an European Artist.  The detail and colors were amazing.
Julie then told me that all of the oil paintings in the house were painted by her.  My jaw dropped to the floor… she blew me away.
I feel truly blessed to have met Julie and Jerry.  What an inspiration.  Not only did we purchase an amazing piece that we will cherish for many years to come,
we met some friends too!
I’m thinking I like garage sales a whole lot more now.
I will show photos of some other garage sale finds soon.
As promised, Holly and I went to the Country Living Fair and I was so jazzed about a piece that I purchased.  I promised to show it to you my last post.
Here I am trying to fit it in my “Little” Honda Civic.
Yes, it is an old worn out ladder that I have been wanting for years…
With the splattered paint and coolness factor, it is perfect!
Some other pic’s from the fair… taken by moi.
Holly and I have some exciting things in the works.  I hope to share with you real soon.
Until next time…

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