Gateleg Table and Many Thanks!

I happened upon an awesome vintage piece, a gateleg table.
 It needed a little work, no problem, right?.
 I thought I would remove and sand the top, repaint and glue the joints.
 Then it would be done!
That’s when things came to a complete halt.
 If you look at the before pictures, you will notice the
top side, or frame, of the table is missing.
How I didn’t recognize this when I purchased the table, I have no idea.
First, the top was sanded.
The finish was coming off, so sanding to the bare wood was a necessity.
 After the top was completely smooth, gray and white paint was used.  This was a process I can’t even tell you how I achieved.  I just kept painting until I accomplished the look I was going for.

The legs were kept natural and added a light white wax to the finish to give it a worn look.

As I was working on the legs I noticed the missing piece.

I seriously cannot believe it took me that long to realize a piece was missing.
Not only was this a side piece, it was tongue and groove.
After months of trying to figure out how I was going to create a
tongue and groove piece,
my husband introduced me to Les.
 My husband, Joe, and Les work together.
 Les has his own woodworking shop and builds furniture.
 I wish I could show you pictures of the amazing pieces he is creating.
 When he is ready for me to share with you, you will be the first to know.
Luckily, Les was willing to help me out.
 He was like a woodworking magician making me an identical piece.
The piece which made the table a sturdy, desirable gateleg table!

Unfortunately, we were in such a rush to get items in our booth,
I didn’t take any after pictures other than in our space.
 I was hoping to head back to take pictures, but it took a few days, and it was
sold before I had the opportunity to take photos.

Holly and I would like to shout out to Kelli at Restore Interiors.
She featured the Menu Board this week and we are honored.
 Please stop by and check out her blog.
She is incredibly talented and I adore her.
 I haven’t met her,
but feel like I know her through her amazing heart felt blog.
While you are there, read her story about her beautiful son, Elijah.
She lost him as a newborn 2 years ago
and is celebrating his short life this week.
 Her faith and strength continue to inspire me.
 Also, check out her portfolio on Pinterest.  Definitely someone to follow!
Have a beautiful day…  Enjoy!

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  1. I have a very similar gateleg that my hubby’s grandmother set up housekeeping with. Our top though when opened is oval rather than rectangular and has a beveled edge. It is a piece I love. Yours turned out great but what a pain in the butt to have to recreate a piece. xo Diana

  2. It turned out lovely, Angie! Don’t be bummed about the pics ~ I think it’s great you sold it that quickly! I would never have known about the missing piece. That tells you how much I know about furniture! : ) Glad you found someone who might be able to help you out if you find a great deal that might need a little restoration. Would love to see some of his pieces if he decides to let you share.

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