Gift Guide and Holiday Finds part 2


As promised I am going to provide another Gift Guide and Holiday Finds today to help you with your shopping. I thought I would make this one fun by going around my house and searching for items we have and love. I will also explain why we love these items. My hope is that it may make your gift-giving easier.

Before we get shopping… I have to ask… are you anything like me? Do you find yourself shopping sales with the good intention to only look for others? … And then you see it… the big item you’ve been eyeing all year is on sale! Not just on sale, on sale at the lowest price of the year! Agh, what do you do? The struggle is real, my friends! For me, I want items when they aren’t on sale… and then I see them on sale and I am so tempted to pull the trigger. Like, who doesn’t want to save money? I’d love to hear how you overcome this. If you have a solution or suggestions, please leave a comment below. Let’s start the conversation… Let’s dive into our gift guide and holiday finds…

Gift Guide and Holiday Finds

***Note: This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience, please know if you make a purchase, we receive a small commission. We thank you.***

For the DIY’er

Retractable Extension Cord Reel

We have a retractable extension cord in our garage and it is the best. Ours is mounted to the ceiling. I couldn’t imagine a garage without this. The 50 foot cord extends to the perfect length. We’ve plugged our air compressor, shop vac, tools, etc… into this extension cord.

Compact and Impact Drill Set

As you know we really love Ryobi Tools around here. This drill set has been used for so many of our projects. We couldn’t have done our laundry room redo without these.

Kreg Jig

We don’t know what we would do without our Kreg Jig. We own this little set and it serves us well. Think of creating a shelving unit or cabinets with perfect 90 degree edges and corners.

Fair Isle Ceramic Rolling Pin

We have one of these rolling pins and love it. The pattern is different, but it is always so beautiful to look at when rolling out cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

Fall Boulangerie Jar Candle Purple

This candle fills the house with a beautiful scent. My favorite scent is oatmeal cookie. The house smells like cookies are in the oven.

2pc Stoneware Pepper Cellar Cream/Black – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

It is super handy to have these sitting next to the stovetop. It seems every recipe calls for salt and pepper, right? We particularly like that we can get a teaspoon quickly. Note: This picture is of the pepper cellar, there is also a salt cellar that can be purchased as well.

For the Pizza Lover

Ooni Pizza Oven

This is an expensive one, but if you want to give a gift for someone that loves a good pizza, this is the gift. We really enjoy our Ooni and the pizza tastes

Cooking with an Ooni Pizza Oven
Joe in action as he bakes the pizza.
Ooni Pizza Oven baking a pizza
This oven is easy to move and cook with. It is powered by propane and really makes a scrumptious pizza.
Ooni restaurant style pizza
Hungry? Yep, me too. 🙂

I just purchased these battery operated candles. The picture doesn’t do them justice, but I am so happy with them. They give a realistic glow of true burning candles. (The big craze on Instagram right now). These would make great gifts.

So… confession, I don’t own these items below. BUT as I was curating this list I was reminded of these awesome gifts and thought how much charcuterie boards are always a hit at the party. How fun would it be to capture it all and have instant photos to share with your guests?

For the Entertainer

Bamboo Cheese Board

I saw this Cheese board and thought it would make a lovely gift. Something like this would be so nice to have on hand when headed to a gathering or having one of your own. Especially great for an appetizer board for Holiday entertaining.

Platters and Boards

I saw this book while out at one of my favorite coffee shops in Phoenix. It has unique boards for just about any occasion.

Fuji Film Instant Camera

Bring the party up a notch with an instant camera! This brings us back to the days with the instant photo. Makes for a fun gathering event and also to have instant photos to share.

I truly hope this gave you some more ideas for holiday gift giving. If you have any gifts that are “must haves” – do share in the comments. We’d love to hear. Also, if you missed our first Gift Guide and Holiday Finds, you can see it here.

Now sit back and relax. Your shopping is done. 😉

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