How I got my home ready to sell – The Series – Pressure Washing


Let’s face it, every home has it’s own story with memories created under a roof.

They are there before we move in and will continue after we move out.

It’s pretty special…

Every home is special, and when it is put on the market, it’s best to make it shine like those favorite memories.

Just like wearing a beautiful gown to a wedding or dressing up for a special occasion.

This is the moment where a home should sparkle, inside and out.

Like little orphan Annie said, it should shine, “Like the top of the Chrysler Building”!

In this series I am going to share with you how I got my home ready to sell.

I hope it helps you if, and when, you decide to sell.

Where did I begin?


Home For Sale

We’ve heard about curb appeal and how important it is.

Well, here it definitely is!

We want potential buyers to drive by… and stay awhile.

We want them to look imagine, and thinkhmmm…  I wonder what it’s like inside?

This is why I recommend pressure washing.

It’s amazing the dirt and grime we live with every day.

It dulls the appearance of our homes

and the concrete we continuously walk and drive our cars on.

This is where the Ryobi 3100PSI Power Pressure Washer saves the day.

How I got my home ready to sell

You know how much I LOVE Ryobi Power Tools, and the same holds true for

Ryobi Outdoor Products.

I really enjoy the fact that Ryobi’s Pressure Washer is super easy to start.

How I got my home ready to sell

The neighbors couldn’t laugh at me this time…

Nope! No way!

(Typically my husband mows the lawn, but when he is out of town,  I am fighting with my mower because I can’t start it…  I end up pulling out my hair until I just can’t take it anymore!  I go over to my neighbor asking him to start my mower… with a little effort, he starts it.  How does that happen?  Anyway…)

It says “easy start” right by the starter grip and rope.  I got nervous knowing the history with my mower (not Ryobi).

With one pull, I had this pretty incredible machine running.

Yay!  I did it!

Now, this is a little embarrassing.

My concrete was extremely dirty… pretty bad.


I didn’t realize how dirty until I decided to have a little fun with the pressure washer.

I wanted to see how it could cut through dirt.

Ryobi Power Washer



it definitely does the job – quickly I might add.

That’s why I always say,

Ryobi Rocks!

Now I know why pressure washing is an addiction.

How I got my home ready to sell

 The dirt disappears like an eraser to chalk on a chalkboard.

***When using a pressure washer

always remember to follow good safety measures.

Wear protective gear

protective eyewear, shoes, pants, and gloves are a must.

Also, this goes without saying…

but I’ll say it anyway…

never, ever, point this at anyone

and read the operator’s manual before using.***

Pressure Washing

Oh yeah, pressure washing is fun…

Instant gratification.

Now I can clean inside and outside of gutters

as well as siding on my home.

Think about fences and retaining walls…

the list goes on.

See what I mean… I’m a Pressure Washing Addict!

As you can see…

Pressure washing is a must.

It not only is needed before selling a home,

but also every Spring so our homes can shine with great curb appeal year after year.

RYOBI 3100V Power Washer

Now, if you haven’t done so already…

get out there and grab your pressure washer and make your home sparkle too.

Prepare your home to sell

 After you’ve pressure washed, head back here.

There’s more to accomplish outside in this series

of “How I Got My Home Ready to Sell“.

…and how you can too!


Every. Single. Moment.


Ryobi Outdoor Products can be purchased at the HomeDepot

****The team at Ryobi Outdoor Products was generous to provide me with a pressure washer to get my home ready to sell.  All of the opinions above are my own.  I enjoy sharing with you products that create ease in completing a project.*****

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  1. Oh wow!! You make me want one! Oh–wait–I already have one. HAHA. And you just reminded me that I need to do my walkway, too! It’s amazing what we miss on the outside when trying to sell our house, or even just making it look good. Once you blast that dirt, you see what you’ve been overlooking everyday. It’s amazing the difference! Good luck with the sale!

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

    1. I know Serena! It is amazing how much dirt we overlook. Don’t you love your pressure washer? Seriously, it is so much fun to see that dirt go bye-bye quickly. Thanks for the luck on the sale. 🙂

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