Happy New Year!

Well, Hello there and Happy New Year! 

It’s been awhile. 

So much is happening here in my “little land”, I thought I would fill you in and share with you why my disappearing act was a whirlwind.

My hubby’s job had him out of town for two months,

we started homeschooling this year,


recently decided to move cross country

Yeah… it’s been a little crazy here. 


I guess you can say this year is off to be an adventure! 

We are painting, cleaning, and finishing projects I wish we would have done sooner. 

All of this so someone else can enjoy my intense labor of love. (sigh)!

Thinking back on the year, which went by way too fast, I realized there were a few posts that never made it live. 

Like my son’s completed bedroom,

Teen Boy Room

a fun celebrity wedding,

Coy and Kylie Bowles

and a quirky DIY bench. 

Bench and Duluth trading Company

I will be sharing all of that with you soon.


Also my sponsor, Kim, from DIY Driftwood

has an amazing product that I am dying to try.

Anything driftwood is complete beauty to me.

That project will be coming soon too.

In the meantime…

some questions for you…

When purchasing a home, in your opinion, what is the first thing a home must have?

Do you look at a home knowing you will fix it up?


Do you want a home move in ready?

Is location the most important?

Just curious as we make our home a “lived in” home to a model home.  🙂

Have a great day!


Every. Single. Moment.


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    1. Erin, we are getting our house ready now. It probably won’t be for a couple of months until we put the house on the market. We are moving to Phoenix. I am going to miss you all so much that I will definitely come back and visit. 🙂

    1. 🙂 – Sheila, we didn’t make our minds up until New Years Day so this is all new to me too. We will be moving to Phoenix – definitely looking at it as an adventure!

    1. Betsy! We are moving to Phoenix. I will definitely be back to visit and I’m thinking you should come visit Phoenix too! You are always welcome!

    1. Hi Diane! Estero would be the perfect location and I would love to move there. It would definitely be paradise! We are headed west to Phoenix, but will visit Florida as much as we can. 🙂

  1. Wow! So much going on, Angie! Where are you moving? I would say that I agree that location should be at the top of your house hunting list. (You have the skills and talent to make any old house into a homey place for your family so start off with finding your favorite location.)

    Love the photo of your son’s room, btw. Looking forward to the final reveal!

    1. Hey Miss Charming! We are headed to Phoenix! You might actually have some inside scoop for me as far as location there. 🙂

  2. What an adventure you are in for Angie. It will be fun to follow along! In answer to your questions about looking for a new home, the number 1 thing it must have is POTENTIAL! If it is move in ready that is great but not a necessity. I’ll be adding my own personal touches anyway. If it is a fixer upper it must be within my range of doability! Location is extremely important to me, especially since we’ve made some mistakes in the past and regretted it. Happy house hunting and blessings to you, Patti

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