Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!


Time, where has it gone? Looking back on this past year, it seems to have flown by so fast I couldn’t catch my breath. So much has changed in a good way for me personally, so I can only be hopeful for what lies ahead.

Joe and I celebrated with friends at a 1920’s party to roll in 2020! Luckily I have some hats and a dress from my grandma dating back to the 20’s. It’s just a reminder of time and how fast it goes.


It also makes me thankful that my mom held on to my grandparents’ keepsakes and gave them to me at an age when I could truly appreciate them. These clothes are over 100 years old – still hard to believe.  Joe was all decked out wearing this centuries attire, however, we thought a boa added a little something to his outfit.


So…  what did I learn this past year?


Every breath is a blessing.  

Some beautiful memories were shared as we said goodbye to my father-in-law. His faith was that of a servant, and his passing helped us all remember the gifts we have today and the hope for eternity.

We also said goodbye to a dear friend. He battled hard with cancer. We knew he was a doctor and professor, but didn’t know what an impact he had on the Minneapolis community. We learned so many admirable things about him at his funeral. He always wanted to help the homeless with care. He always wanted to seek out ways to help those less fortunate than him. The perks of being a doctor didn’t impress him, what did? The way he could help people.

We only have so many days and living in the moment creates joy.  

Just like I say… Enjoy! Every. Single. Moment.

Sometimes I find I have a hard time doing this, but when I am purposeful, I find worry fades and moments are more appreciated.

Surrounding yourself with friends and family brings laughter and fun.  

The pastor at my church mentioned this and it stuck with me:

“You will add more years to your life by sitting with friends and family enjoying a Twinkie than sitting alone eating broccoli.”

I’ve had so much fun this past year taking this to heart.

Filling up with the good and letting go of the bad will always be rewarding.

Here’s another thought I heard…

Trust your gut. If your gut is telling you to “go”, you better go. If your gut is telling you “no”, you better not. If you choose to go, it’s going to be a successful path and looking back you will say, “I am glad I listened to my gut because I wouldn’t be where I am today.” If you don’t listen to your gut, you may still reach the final destination of where you want to be, but it will be a long, hard, and bumpy road along the way. Looking back you will say, “Man, I wish I would’ve listened to my gut.”

This past year I followed my gut instinct after many years of going against it. Let’s just say, I am so very thankful I decided to follow my gut.

That was pretty much my year in a nutshell.

I also learned a lot about myself.

One of my friends told me, “God gave you a voice.  You need to let it be heard.” He gave us all that gift. So as I move forward this blog will be me – raw. If I feel the need to share… I will. In the past I have erased my words feeling like they will be judged or misconstrued. If we erase what is on our hearts we are missing an opportunity. Who knows whose life needs to hear what we are saying?



One of my favorite projects last year was this sign.

I didn’t do many projects that were posted.

Seems life took over – AGAIN- and projects continued to get put on the back burner. I am giving myself grace and moving forward instead of dragging myself down by living in the past. I do love reading this sign every day though as it is such a great reminder. My husband wishes I would’ve told him his hair was all messy. I guess that’s why I love this picture so much. It doesn’t matter what his hair looks like. I don’t even notice his messy hair because I love the person that he is.


We will see where this year leads, but so far it’s looking pretty good. I have a few things up my sleeve.


Oh, and did I mention, we bought a pop-up camper?


Thanks for sticking with me all of these years. You all are the best!



Every. Single. Moment.




As we head into the new year and new beginnings, I feel like I have to write this…  when things seem hard and life is tough. Doors close and never seem to open. Trust that it will get better. Never give up. Keep faith. Keep hoping. Keep going. You will look back and see that if those doors wouldn’t have closed, other doors would have never opened. Trust that everything will work itself out. It always does.




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