Hibiscus/Mint Tea

Valentines Day is tomorrow.  I cannot even believe how time is flying by.  I have been wanting to share a fun drink with you and I thought, why not share it around Valentines Day?  It’s Ruby Red and is actually really good and has some health benefits too!  (High-five)!

Are you a tea drinker?  If you are – awesome!  If not, still give this a try… as this isn’t anything like your average tea.

For these drinks, we use an organic hibiscus tea…

Did you know…

Hibiscus Tea helps with inflammation, is cancer-fighting, improves the immune system… and the list goes on. Plus, this tea is naturally sweet, so it is a good alternative for any sugary juices or soda.

These are a couple that we use…

Organic Allegro Tea – Hibiscus Spice


Tazo Passion Tea

The first recipe is hibiscus tea infused with mint.  I enjoy the flavor mint gives the Hibiscus tea.


4 Hibiscus Tea Bags

Mint Leaves

4 cups of Water

Boil 4 cups of water and add 4 Hibiscus Tea Bags – steep for the time listed on the back of the box.  Let cool.  Add mint leaves for flavor.  Let the tea sit for several hours to infuse the mint and hibiscus flavors.  Refrigerate and enjoy!

I’ve noticed more and more restaurants are giving tables personal glass bottles to fill up water glasses.  I love this idea and really enjoy using glass bottles to fill up with teas and infused water.  Leaving these in the fridge is an easy way to serve up a special treat for guests and the family.  Here is an affiliate link for you… Glass Bottles.

When Boiling water – we use an electric tea kettle (affiliate link) that boils water every day for us and we don’t have to put anything on the stove.  Unless you like the whistle blowing from a tea kettle, this is the way to go as it saves us so much time.

Here’s another recipe…

This next one is great for kiddos too!


Organic Lemonade

Hibiscus/Mint Tea (use above recipe)


Prepare Hibiscus/MInt Tea as above.  Add ice to your favorite glass.  Fill the glass with organic lemonade (Simply organic is what we use) 3/4 full.  Add Hibiscus/Mint Tea and do not stir as this will combine the colors.  Enjoy!

There you have it…

Healthy, Hibiscus drinks to make your valentines day just a little sweeter!

I hope you enjoy your day!

Until next time…


Every. Single. Moment.


***If you can’t find these teas at your local grocery store, here are affiliate links for your convenience…

Tazo Tea, Passion Tea

Allegro Tea, Organic Hibiscus Spice Tea Bags, 20 ct

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