Hilton Head Island Favorites

I have had an exciting couple of weeks, hence I have been a little MIA lately.   My husband and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary in Hilton Head.  It was a treat and I want to go back, like NOW!  Before we left we had the opportunity to work behind the scenes of a wedding.    This wedding was “top secret”, and I still don’t know if I can share the details.  When I get the “go ahead”, you will be the first to know.  It was one of those pinch me moments. I will share more of that with you at a later date.

In the meantime, you may be interested to know about Hilton Head and what we found to be a treat.  The purpose of this trip was to relax and spend time together.  We didn’t have high expectations, but knew we wanted to splurge and stay in an ocean-front room.

Hilton Head Island

What a treat!

It kind of spoils you waking up to the ocean right outside your door.

Hilton Head Island


We stayed at the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort.

It was the perfect time of year to take a trip.  The crowds were nowhere to be found and it was easy to find a spot on the beach or by the pool.

The beach is amazing.  When the tide is low, you can bike for miles.  We tried biking, but the tide was high and we were biking in very thick sand.  A little difficult, but still fun.  Of course this is a great beach for walking too.

The highlight of our trip was finding this healthy restaurant…

HIlton Head

delisheee Yo

Joe is needing to eat a limited diet these days.  Fruits, vegetables, and fish are limiting, especially when traveling.

When we found delisheee Yo, this was our spot for EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL.

This may seem unadventurous,

but the food kept us wanting more and more.

Here is a sample of the offerings we had.

delisheee Yo

The Green Arnie was a refreshing drink with lemonade and Sweet Rubeee Tea.

This Buddahh Bowl

delisheee Yo Hilton Head

was a mix of heaven.

Quinoa and lentils with coconut oil and Indian spices, coconut-cashew butter,

and a dressing which has an incredible flavor… Vic’s Liquid Love.

I added avocado, peppers, and mushrooms to my bowl.

Did I mention everything is organic?

Certified Executive Chef, Cathryn Matthes, infuses flavors to entice ones taste buds


Every. Healthy. Bite.

Hilton Head delisheee Yo

Above is a Yom Roll.

A Gluten Free Rice Paper Wrap filled with organic grown veggies.

I also enjoyed a side of Sprouted Nuts.

Delisheee Yo HIlton Head

Sprouted nuts multiply the nutritional value and the taste is quite flavorful.

If you happen to visit Hilton Head, do not miss this little GEM!

delisheee Yo offers:

Smootheees, Signature Cold Drinks, Pressed to Order Juice, Salads, Wraps, flavorful Bowls, and tart Yogurt with healthy, fresh toppings.

Are you hungry yet?

I wish I could order up a wrap or bowl right now,

Hilton Head Healthy Food

and sit on this bench and enjoy!

I am hooked!

Across the parking lot is an adorable boutique called Louette.

Hilton Head Island

This chippy door invites you in immediately…. LOVE IT!

Inside you will find a space

Hilton Head Boutique

with reclaimed vintage wood surrounding the interior,

Hilton Head Boutique

 unique, one of a kind clothing,

Boutique Hilton Head

 stylish accessories, all things for baby, and fun home decor items.

If you are lucky, you may get to meet the owner, Heather, and her darling baby…

Ella Grace.

(If I had a girl, her name would have been Ella).

Louette Boutique

I purchased a fun, yellow leather bracelet here!


I really enjoy when Joe is in a “Buy it honey” mood!

It must have been all of that good food!

There is so much to see and do on Hilton Head Island,

but one thing I didn’t want to miss was a trip to the top of the lighthouse.


It was beautiful up there!

These 15 Years have been a blessing!

Hilton Head was a relaxing treat!

I look forward to going back real soon!

Have you been to Hilton Head? 

If so, what was your favorite thing to do, see, or eat?

Enjoy it all!

Every. Single. Moment.


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  1. You two are the cutest couple! I’m so glad you were able to have a great time celebrating your anniversary.

    The restaurant food looks delicious! (I’ll have to check to see if they have one around here.)

    1. Aww! You are so sweet! The food was delicious, we wish we could pick the restaurant up and place it in Georgia. Although, that would be bad… we would want to eat there every day. We were feeling a little weird going in there for every meal, but then after looking at TripAdvisor, we realized we weren’t the only ones. Apparently this happens often. 🙂

  2. Hey Angie! My name is Blake Wearren, I’m the manager at Delisheee Yo. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your blog! We love your post and all the love given to our little shop. Happy people like yourself fuel our passion to serve people in a thoughtful way. Hope to thank you in person the next time you visit our wonderful little island. Thanks again!

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