Hydrangea – My Favorite Flower

Hydrangea by far is my favorite flower and has been for years.  I love the mop-heads of color and appreciate the dried flowers to use in my home.  Yesterday I cut some of my Endless Summer Hydrangeas.  I have never had luck drying this type, but have a good feeling about these.  Typically I cut too early in the season, and they wilt after 24 hours.  This time I waited until they felt papery to the touch.

Here they are…

Endless Summer Hydrangea

Endless Summer…

Endless Summer Hydrangea

I arranged them in a basket (picnic basket found in a neighbors trash,

yes, I admit it – it was too good to throw out).

I plan to put this little gem in my kitchen on top of my refrigerator.  Hydrangeas will look so much better than the kids toys up there, don’t you think?  Somehow this was a housing area for all things that needed to be put away quickly.  Oh well, now we have hydrangeas and no more room for a “catch all” place.

Endless Summer Hydrangea

What other flower gives off such amazing color on one bush?

Have you tried drying Hydrangeas?  If so, what worked for you?  I found Annabelle Hydrangeas are the easiest to dry.  Place them in water and they dry beautifully.  I have tried placing Endless Summer in water as well and find the flower heads wilt, but roots form below.  Great for propagating. 🙂

This time I am drying my Endless Summer without water in the basket. 

I hope they stay looking pretty.

Endless Summer Hydrangea

See why I love Hydrangeas?

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Angie, these are lovely! I think they’ll dry beautifully! I love it, a roadside rescue! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower too! They provide a lovely show all summer and into the Fall. Your arrangement is wonderful!

    1. Thank you Betsy! So far they are drying great, I did have one shrivel up and wilt on me though. That’s okay, I thought that might happen with one. It gave me a good excuse to cut 3 more that looked good to cut. Ha! Roadside rescue in my neighborhood was quite embarrassing. I actually went home to Joe and asked him if he would snatch it, he told ME to “go for it”! Argh… So that is when I hopped on the golf cart, made sure no one was watching and snatched it. It seriously was too nice to make its way to a landfill. It’s from England too… go figure…

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