It’s All About The Lighting

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Moving into a new house, old or new, there is always decorating challenges.  Paint colors are always on the top of the list… flooring, furniture, appliances… the list goes on.  BUT, lighting is definitely the jewel of a room.  One area which should not be saved for last, truly… it’s all about the lighting.  It’s the added touch which can show personality and make a room shine.

When moving into a home in a planned community, like I did, the lighting options are all the same.  My neighbors have the same lighting.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

I believe lighting creates personality and transforms a room.  I definitely want something different than my neighbors. (and I am pretty sure they don’t want the same cookie cutter look either)  Today I am going to share with you a pretty awesome lighting company called Parrot Uncle.  They have a wide variety of lighting options and stellar prices… need I say more.

Do you remember my dining room?

Slipcovered Grey Lighting Ideas

The chandelier is okay, but it doesn’t give the look I am going for.  I want European vintage mixed with rustic and a little french farmhouse. 

Like this…

Lighting Choices Slipcovered Grey8 light wooden pendant

What do you think?

Or I could choose these…

Slipcovered Grey ChandeliersAntique Wooden Chandelier / Globe Shape / Wooden Chandelier /

15 Light Vintage Chandelier / Metal and Rust Chandelier /

Wood, Iron, and Crystals

The options are endless.

To the left of my dining room is a stairway.

Stairway Lighting(We’re painting around here…)

The stairs are lit from the bottom set of stairs, but not the top.  Adding sconces to the stairway would make a huge impact to a bare wall and light the way up the stairs.  I have my eye on a few of these…

Slipcovered Grey lighting ideasThis sconce gives a modern, sophisticated look while still keeping in check with the Vintage/European vibe.

Do you remember my kitchen collage…

Kitchen Inspiration Collage

Parrot Uncle Pendant Lighting has just what I am looking for…

Slipcovered Grey Kitchen LightingPendant

Isn’t this gorgeous?  They also have matte black, but I am still loving the sparkle of chrome. 

In this house we have a couple long halls which have recessed lights.  I don’t mind recessed lights, but I do feel they don’t add much character to a space.  Instead, I would swap out the recessed lights for these

Lighting Ideas Slipcovered GreyIndustrial Pendant Light

Our bedrooms need lighting as well.  Wall sconces are beautiful flanking beds.  They are easy to turn off at night and back on in the morning and give extra light for reading.  Here are some that I thought were unique and perfect.

Lighting ideas - Slipcovered Grey

Retro Industrial / Rustic Rings / Simple Glass / Pleated / Iron Hat/ Glass Shade

Parrot Uncle has beautiful lighting in all decor styles from French Farmhouse, Industrial, and Modern lights to Art Nouveau Tiffany Style Lamps

Here I focused on what I dream of using in my home.

What do you think?

Head on over and tell me some of your favorites.

I’d love to hear.

Until then, I’m going to pick up my paint brush and finish that painting.


Every. Single. Moment.


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