It’s Official!

Remember when I told you something exciting was in the works?
NOW I can tell you!
S l i p c o v e r e d G r e y
is officially in a store!  We have a space in Newnan, Georgia at
Treasures Old and New!
It is a blessing to have a spot right in the front.
Come on in…
Check us out…
We are exhausted as we prepped for this in such a short period of time.
But, I know it will be worth it! 

We will be filling the space as pieces are finished.
Here is a sampling of what our space looks like…
See that cool blue table… SOLD!  Already!
 This was a piece that Holly found and painted beautifully. 
Also, the cute girl’s chair is already SOLD.  (Probably to a Chic Little Princess!)

Our heart and soul is put into every piece.  We strive to make sure our items are
enjoyed and loved. After all… a piece of “us” is going home with a 
special person and/or family.
Holly and I were driving home today and I said to her “Don’t you wish you could see where your little chair is?  Who owns it now?  What little girl is enjoying it?”
 It’s bittersweet…
and exciting!

I would love to show you our pieces in detail…
this will be coming soon!

In the meantime, thanks for reading our blog!  
Happy Thanksgiving to you!
I am thankful for YOU!


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