Laundry Room Progress

We are making some serious laundry room progress with the One Room Challenge. I missed updating last weeks progress, so you will see weeks 5 and 6 within this post.

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Building a refrigerator surround was on the top of our list for week 5. The goal was to create the look of a counter depth/built in refrigerator.

Here is where we started…

This is the perfect image to see what the cabinets looked like before we pulled them out of the room. Don’t worry, they weren’t put in a landfill, they now hang proudly in our garage.

Building the Refrigerator Cabinet/Surround

There was a small cabinet that was above our refrigerator in the kitchen. When it was removed while remodeling we decided to use it in the laundry room by pulling it forward over the refrigerator instead of leaving it deep set like it was in the kitchen.

Laying all of the pieces out was important to make sure the measurements were going to be perfect for the refrigerator to fit snug and center underneath the small cabinet.

Joe worked hard to make sure everything was perfectly aligned and flush before drilling the pieces together.

After drilling the cabinet to the plywood, the piece was brought into the laundry room.

Then a faceplate or trim was added around the frame.

Once the refrigerator was pushed into place it appeared to be a pretty good fit.

There is still more to do here, but we moved on to the washer and dryer surround.

Washer and Dryer Surround

The washer and dryer is going to share the faceplate trim from the refrigerator wall, so it is only necessary to build one cabinet for both of the machines. This will all make sense as the room comes together.

Here is the lower cabinet where the washer will fit under.

The folding table will rest on this cabinet once it is in place.

In order to accommodate the folding table surface, Joe started to move the shutoff valves down on the wall so they do not go above this table.

Building Lower Cabinets

Our very talented neighbor helped us build another cabinet that will have a drawer and room to house a large laundry basket.

Our neighbor is also helping us build a farmhouse sink cabinet. This is the farmhouse sink that was purchased off of Craigslist. We cannot wait to see this in place.

Our laundry room progress is coming along.

There is still so much left to do… it will be a busy next couple of weeks, but we are ready for the challenge.

  • FLOOR AND BUILD PLANS – Draw a floor plan and elevation sketches for exact measurements of space.
  • CABINETS – Remove and Replace with new layout and design. Replace upper cabinets, build surround around refrigerator, build lower cabinets – one for farmhouse sink, and another with a drawer and open space below.
  • FLOORING – Remove and Replace flooring with black and cream tile in a diagonal pattern
  • DROP ZONE – Build a bench with underneath storage for shoes and hooks for hanging necessities.
  • DOOR – Replace the door with a floor to ceiling window to the outdoors.
  • FOLDING TABLE – Build a folding table positioned on top of the washer and dryer, this will include building a lower surround for the washer and dryer.
  • NEW COUNTERTOP – A honed marble countertop that coordinates with the paint and flooring.
  • WALL TREATMENT – Use vertical plank/shiplap to create interest – painted the same color as the cabinets, paint walls a light cream.
  • LIGHTING – Replace lighting by removing the fluorescent lighting.

Make sure to follow along with other participants in the One Room Challenge here.

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