Laundry Room Reveal

It has been a long time coming but here we are, at the final week with the One Room Challenge. Are you ready for the laundry room reveal? Let’s go…

We wanted a laundry room that was inviting just like any other room in the house.

A place where we could wash, dry, fold, and repeat while feeling a sense of calm because of the interior surroundings.

With natural light streaming in from the outdoors and room to accomplish all of the tasks at hand.

Reusing and repurposing upper cabinets gives proper space for storing laundry necessities while also displaying beautiful accessories as well. Ever had mismatched socks? Ours are hiding within the basket on the second shelf -out of sight.

The Shaw farmhouse sink is perfect for soaking and deep cleaning while the honed marble gives an intended European vibe.

Folding Station

The folding table is perfect for taking items out of the dryer and folding them immediately. The table top is removable, can you tell? Just pull the table away and it exposes the back wall. Perfect for an emergency water leak or new appliances, don’t you think?

Sewing a curtain under the farmhouse sink was easy. The curtain is not only pretty but it keeps items tucked away and out of sight.

Next to the sink is a large laundry basket and a drawer which houses scissors, lint rollers, sewing kits, and other small laundry items.

The Drop Zone

There is also a drop zone. Now we can sit to take off our shoes and keep them organized too.

Across from the bench is the refrigerator. It’s nice to have an extra refrigerator in the house. It looks intentional now with the built-in surround.

Now this laundry room is a joy to walk into.

Remember where we started?

We can’t believe we started here.

From a vision…

to a drawing…

With some hard work…

Now we have this – a Laundry Room Reveal to be proud of.

A space that is perfect for our family.

If you missed the weeks leading up to this moment, please take a peek at the journey by clicking on the links below.

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We would love to hear what you think of our new Laundry Room – leave us a note in the comments below. Are you working on a room in your home right now? We’d love to hear. Just remember to challenge yourself – anything is possible.

Thanks to One Room Challenge for challenging us. We are so grateful to say this room is complete.

Until next time…


Every. Single. Moment.

Ang and Joey

We also participated in this challenge a few years ago – you can see how we transformed this bathroom.

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  1. How did I miss all of these posts on this One Room Challenge?!?! Oh my word!!! Your laundry room is BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m just so amazed that everything you and your husband do on your own. So talented!

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