A Little Peek

So, I mentioned yesterday that I am working on pieces 
that are getting me jazzed.   
There is a feeling of accomplishment when a piece that has lost life is 
given a new, beautiful beginning. 
 I love seeing a worn out piece where I envision the end result. 
After working on it, my vision comes to life.   
There is something so rewarding about that.  
When I traveled out of town last week, 
I was on the “hunt” for anything and everything that caught my eye.  
 I only had a small van, but I knew I could fit 
a dresser, 2 large suitcases, a chandelier, accessories, 
my husband, two children and a dog just fine with a little hard work.  
 That is exactly what I did and it was a success! 
 I have to prove to everyone it will work, 
so I can do it again, and again… hee hee!  
 I am so tricky, aren’t I?
Here are some items I am working on… 
This piece is all about Texture…
 I have been on the “hunt” for this piece for years!

The colors of the ocean was my inspiration here.

Too beautiful to part with…

Love the legs on this piece and…

The custom color I created with leftover paint in my garage.  
Who knew I would love this color so much?

There you have it!
 This is just a peek as I really want to post about these individually.
I can’t wait to share them with you!

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