Making Progress

Well, slowly we are making progress in this “fixer upper”.

A few of you have asked how things are going and said you can’t wait to see what we are doing in the house. 

This process is making me feel like a turtle in a world where

the clock keeps ticking faster and faster around me

Teen Bedroom

Time is valuable, but in order to get something done correctly, it’s meticulous and time consuming

which sucks the life and days right out of me. 

With that said, we are making some headway and getting excited,

because it’s starting to feel a little more like “us”.

You have no idea how much I second guessed myself in this process so far. 

It’s hard to remember these changes don’t happen overnight and it is a journey. 

Slipcovered Grey

I really had to sit in this house and think about what would make it better. 

You know me, I like light and bright.

 The walls are ginormous

Slipcovered Grey

and the sun is much more intense here. 

Most interiors in this region have sandy brown walls that match the exterior. 

Which makes me a desert “odd ball going with a light grey/white palette. 

I wanted the look of plaster walls.

Those that you would find in a European Villa.


I ended up choosing

Sherwin Williams Ermine,

Sherwin Williams SW1023 Ermine at MyPerfectColor

“White Dove” for the trim and accent walls,

and a light brown to match the windows. 

I actually brought a window screen into Sherwin Williams and had an exact color match. 

I knew I wanted a color that would blend with grey and white, but also be close to the trim around the windows.

Slipcovered Grey

The black on the front door is a great contrast,

but seems too modern for me,

Slipcovered Grey

so I will tone it down with the brown screen match.

 This brings me to a question I asked a few weeks ago on Facebook.

“If you had all the money in the world, would you… still DIY or hire out”? 

Many of you said you would still DIY, but hire out what you couldn’t do. 

Since we haven’t won the lottery yet,

we decided to DIY the painting and hire out the tiling.

I’ve painted what I could on the lower portion of the walls and my husband has been on top of a scaffold for the rest.

Slipcovered Grey

Next time, I’m thinking we will hire this one out.

It scared the daylights out of me to have him up there,

and when he couldn’t cut in at the ceiling he stood on top of a cooler.

Yep, that was enough to freak me out!

Thanks to our neighbor, John, for helping us set it up.

The scaffold parts are extremely heavy and I could only help so much.

We will soon be done and on to much more interesting projects.

In the meantime,

I will keep you posted.

Hopefully, someday soon, this place will feel a little


Slipcovered Grey


So, I want to know…

Would you hire this one out?



I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, if you are interested in seeing more behind the scenes action,

check out my Instagram page and follow along.

I’d love to follow along in your journey too.




Every. Single. Moment.



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  1. That is one I would definitely hire out! When we moved into our house, the living room was covered with what looked like 80 hotel room wallpaper and it’s two stories. I was scared to death to think of my husband up that high so we did hire that out. Otherwise we usually do the rest of our painting ourselves.

    1. Mary, Oh my goodness, I couldn’t imagine taking down wallpaper that high. What a job! You made a great choice to hire out. Next time… we are going to hire a pro painter too. It was too scary and I prayed my little heart out that my hubby would be safe. We’ll stay close to the ground when painting again. 🙂

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