For The Love Of Mannequins

We see them everywhere…  store windows,  flea markets, interiors, and used as art. They all have a purpose and somehow tell their own story.  There is something unique and charming about them.  I know they can’t talk, but yet they seem to speak.  Saying something about their past, what they’re trying to sell, or simply just being a statement piece.  Who are these “things” I am talking about?… 


I have a love for them. 

Mannequin Country Living Fair

 Vintage mannequins are my favorite. 

Vintage Mannequin



Yet, I am drawn to the creative types that make them into pieces of art.

Mannequin Art

Some sell their found mannequins, and others just can’t give them up.


Me being one of those people.

… and believe me, I had a buyer who would pay anything to have my mannequin.

I just couldn’t do it.

  I couldn’t sell her…

Mannequin Art

I was fond of Rebekah Blocher’s mannequin from the Country Living Fair 2011 and 2012.

Her mannequin was the inspiration for my mannequin.

Stay tuned…

for a tutorial of how I made her.

Here she is before…

(please ignore the workshop mess – yikes!)

Mannequin DIY

Do you have a mannequin love too?

Are you searching for one?


Do you own one?

See you next with a tutorial…



****Photos above taken at the Country Living Fair. Rebekah Blocher and Bloomsbury Loft

are two of the booths photographed above***

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    1. Thank you, Betsy! I have seen your mannequin in your photos from your blog. I LOVE it! I would love to have another just like yours. Hmmm… High Cotton? Lucky find! We may have to road trip there sometime soon. 🙂

  1. Oh, Angie, I just love her! (Better than the inspiration piece.)
    Last October, my daughter and I ran across a beautiful mannequin styled like a mermaid with a poufy skirt of blue and green chiffon, shells, pearls and drift wood. It looked amazing and ended up being the inspiration for my daughter’s Halloween costume. I enjoy seeing the creativity and beauty in the styling of these mannequins.

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