Mannequin Makeover Part Two

I am back with you, hopefully you were able to follow the series For The Love of Mannequins and the Mannequin Makeover Part 1.  It is now time to share with you how I made the skirt.  This was definitely the most time consuming step, but truly, the most rewarding.  I think the skirt really makes her (the mannequin) unique.

Mannequin Art

Mannequin Skirt Supplies:

  • Chicken wire roll – I purchased mine at The Home Depot
  • Wire Cutters
  • Muslin Fabric – I used at least 4-6 yards.  I don’t have the exact yardage for you here, sorry.  I remember running to JoAnns a few times.  Off white or creme muslin was used in this project.
  • Protective gear; eye, and hand gloves.  This wire is strong and working with it can cause cuts and possibly come back and get your eyes. 
  • Scissors

Skirt Construction:

The chicken wire comes in rolls, my roll is 24″ wide.

Mannequin Skirt

Open the chicken wire and wrap around the mannequin

leaving extra chicken wire in the back.


You can see here how the top and bottom ends have a straight edge.

Chicken Wire Skirt

Make sure you have a straight edge, or smooth edge at the bottom of the skirt.

Also, the skirt or chicken wire is very pencil- like.  I wanted a poof – a fuller skirt.

Let’s poof it now!

At the waistline of the mannequin roll over the chicken wire.

Mannequin Skirt

Rolling toward the mannequin’s waistline.

Complete this all the way around the waist.


The skirt will begin to take on a new shape.

Once complete, squeeze or crimp the chicken wire together around the waist,

this will create a fuller skirt.

Chicken Wire

You can see the crimping around the waistline. 

Mannequin Skirt

Suddenly the chicken wire will lay nicely over the waist of the mannequin.

It looks messy now, but don’t worry, the fabric strips will cover it up later.

Chicken Wire Skirt

At the same time creating a fuller skirt.

The back of the skirt is left open and a seam needs to be created.

Chicken Wire skirt

If there is too much wire, you may need to cut the ends using a wire cutter.

Then tuck and crimp creating a back seam.

Mannequin Skirt Tutorial

 Constructing the skirt is complete, now it’s time for

Adding the Skirt Fabric:

This is the easiest and most time consuming part.  I was able to get caught up on tv shows and create this skirt at the same time.

Cut strips. 


I cut mine at 1 1/2″.

***Trick:  If you cut with the grain the fabric can be ripped along the grain.


The edge will be unfinished (the look I wanted) and much quicker than cutting.

This will make several long strips.

Mannequin Skirt DIY

Now we need short strips.

Mannequin DIY

I cut mine to 11 1/2″.


The chicken wire creates hexagon shapes. 

Above you see a strip tied to one side of the hexagon.

Chicken Wire

Here the strips are tied to each side of the hexagon.  This is what you want to do with every hexagon on the chicken wire skirt.


Creating a look like this.  Move to the next hexagon, and the next, and the next…

you get the idea, right?

Here is a picture under the completed skirt.

Mannequin DIY Skirt

Time Consuming?


Final Outcome?

Worth Every Minute!

Mannequin Art

I hope this tutorial was helpful. 

Maybe a starting point to create your own piece of mannequin art?

Let me know if you have any questions.



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  1. LOVE this tutorial Angie! I have been on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ mannequin for a few years now, and have never found her.. This has made me realise that I’m going to have to ‘make’ her instead!

    Lovely! Big cyber hugs, Haylie @ Little Miss Fascinated xx

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