Memorial Day – Thank You Veterans

Today is a special day to remember all of those that have given their lives for us. 

A day where we can celebrate with family and friends. 

You may find us at picnics, parades, boating, and enjoying

all of the freedoms of life we have. 

Those freedoms we have because of our Veterans. 

The Veterans that put their lives on the line and some gave their life for us. 

Memorial Day Veterans

I can’t imagine what this day means to each and every one of those men and women. 

I know what it means to me,

but they have a deeper, richer, heartfelt, and emotional tie to this day

as they remember the war or wars that put them in harms way. 

To think it was all for us, so we can enjoy our day and every day we are blessed to have.

Memorial Day Veterans

The last couple of weeks I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C.. 

It is overwhelming. 

It makes me realize how far we have come and how

each and every Veteran has given us many gifts. 

Thank you, to each and every one of you alive today and those that have passed on.

Memorial Day

This wreath was at the National WWII Memorial. 

As we remember, look at the stars behind the wreath. 

There are 4,048 stars. 

WWII Memorial Gold Stars

Each star represents 100 Americans that died in the military. 

Multiply those numbers together.

It is overwhelming.

WWII Memorial

My grandpa, who passed away at the age of 90 two years ago, was in WWII.

Memorial Day

Thank you, Grandpa!

Memorial Day

While visiting the WWII Memorial, the kids and Joe wanted to meet a WWII Veteran and thank him for his service.

WWII Memorial D.C.

May we always remember your courage,

and thank you for all you have done,

DC Memorial Day

 so we can enjoy the music 

Washington DC

and all of the freedom we are blessed to have.

Today my grandma is donating my grandpa’s Burial Flag

to the American Legion in his home town.

How proud he would be today to know a ceremony is being held in his honor. 

It will remind us not only of his service, but all of those that have served.

I will miss this celebration today, but will salute him

and all of the veterans who gave so much.

Memorial Day

Today we salute and remember you!

Memorial Day

Thank you!



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    1. Heather, I love DC. It is so beautiful there with so much history. I was only there for a quick 2 days, and it’s impossible to see everything. I am looking forward to going back again.

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