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Have you ever had a garage sale?  When it’s all said and done and the last garage sale hour has arrived, I don’t know about you, but I am packing away items I wish would be outta here.  At that point, I bring it back in my house, which I definitely DO NOT want to do, or donate it.

Then there are garage sale pro shoppers out there…  I know because they are always there before me, or came the day before etc. Which makes me think, why don’t I ever try that? 

I was lucky this time, though.  I went to a garage sale as they were packing items in their garage… the sale was over.  I saw a headboard and another piece I was interested in purchasing.  At this point, they wanted everything out of there!  Short story… it was “please, just take it” time!  Oh, really???… um… okay!

So I purchased a couple of items and came home with this headboard.  

My husband said, “What are you going to do with that?”  I was so excited about this piece.   I swear he thought I was crazy!  I proceeded to tell him, we are going to cut the legs off, take the slats out, and create a menu chalk board.  I am sure there was a rolling of the eyes moment, but there was so much conviction in my voice, he gave me the benefit of the doubt. I am so glad he did, because this was a project BOTH of us worked on… spending time with him creating is a joy! 

He first cut off the legs and then we pounded out the slats.
   Next, we cut boards to fit in the headboard which
will later be painted with chalk board paint.  
 (I tell my hubby he’s going to hurt his feet one of these days…)
  The boards were glued in place and then our divider was glued in place.

The body was painted with ASCP “Duck Egg”.  I really like this color!  I wanted this to be a piece you use in a large kitchen or casual dining space.  Bon Appetit seemed like it would fit perfectly on the top.  Using an overhead projector, I traced Bon Appetit with a pencil.

Then I painted it by hand with a very small paintbrush. 
Once the paint dried, I erased the pencil marks.
Next, I whitewashed the body until the look wanted was achieved. 
 It was finished with a clear wax.

Now, it’s ready for a home!

I would love to see what this looks like in someone’s kitchen/dining space.
This proves that someone’s garage sale trash can be created into a treasure!
Do you have some great garage sale finds that made you giddy?  Does this inspire you to turn a headboard into a chalkboard? 


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  1. Angie,
    It’s Gail Goswiller (Bridget’s friend in CA)…I wondered what was going on with you! I miss you! I love your blog…I hear you are doing really well! Very proud of you! Are you still singing???? I would love to know if things are for purchase…would love to have something in my home of yours! Keep me posted! (

  2. Wow! what a great idea, and the headboard! Fabulous!

    BTW, since Google Friend Connect is ending soon, I have joined up with Linky Followers, the new tool. At the end of my blog I have a widget to join up, also for the Blog Hop going on. I’d like to be able to access your blog easily and if you follow me, I’ll be sure to follow you back.
    The same is true for anyone that reads this comment.
    Thanks for sharing,

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