Music Table and Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas!
There is nothing more special than hearing little toes tip-toeing through the house early in the morning Christmas day.  We made a plan… the kids could not wake us up until there was light outside.  If we don’t set these rules, we know at 2 am our 6 year old, Charlie, will be up and ready to open Santa’s gifts.  He did wish Santa would wake him this year and let him have a ride on his sleigh.
Santa didn’t wake him this year, but Charlie claims he saw the lights from Santa’s sleigh this morning.  I guess Charlie was up before sunlight.
Finally, the moment arrived where the light began to peek through the windows.  Two children, Josh and Charlie, fling open the door and jump into our bed.  I wish I could bottle up that excitement!  It is complete joy!
We get up to a wonderful Christmas morning with family.
 It couldn’t be more special.
Last night we talked about what we are thankful for…
Charlie, my 6 year old, says he is thankful for Jesus’ birth and without him he wouldn’t be who he is today.  My 10 year old, Josh, said he was thankful he had Jesus in his heart and for his family.  I am thankful they understand why we all celebrate Christmas!
I hope you found yourself creating memories too.
Before Christmas comes to a close, I have a project to share with you.  This piece is currently in our booth at “Treasusres Old and New”.

The table is painted with Sherwin Williams Creamy,  distressed and waxed lightly.
 I added a fun touch on top, Mod Podging over the leather with music.
Come and see us at “Treasures Old and New”!
Merry Christmas!

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